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Learn about the latest updates and new features on the WISK platform

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Looking for older updates? See our archive.


Cost Changes Updates

We've made a few updates to make it easier to track your cost changes:

  1. A new "Cost Changes" page available on the WISK Web Portal under Reports/ Analytics

  2. A "Cost Changes" table / widget that appears on the Home page

  3. A "Cost Changes" column on the Invoices / Returns page that shows the number of cost changes in each invoice.

  4. When you open the invoice, if a line item has a cost change, the cost displays in red if it increased, and green if it decreased. You can mouse over the cost for more details. There's also "Cost Changes" tab that shows all items with cost changes.

  5. A "Cost changes" table that appears on email notifications for added invoices

To learn more, see:

Draft Invoices - Show Upload Source

On the "Draft Invoices" page of the WISK Web Portal, the new "Source" column shows how the draft invoice was uploaded to the account. Methods include:

  • email

  • mobile app

  • web

  • distributor integration

The "Source" column is highlighted to show how the invoice was added.

Email Reports - Batch Unsubscribe

If you have access to many venues and want to quickly manage the email reports you receive, there are now buttons on the "Account" page to:

  • Unsubscribe you from all email reports for all venues

  • Unsubscribe you from all email reports for a specific venue

The "Unsubscribe all email reports" buttons are highlighted for visibility

To learn more, please see:

POS Integration Error Messages

If your POS integration is via direct API, we've added some error messages to notify you if sales have stopped importing into your account:

  • POS Integration Halted

  • Expired Token

POS Integration Halted

With API integrations, our system attempts to retrieve your latest sales data at regular intervals.

If there are multiple failed attempts, it may indicate a larger issue, and the integration is temporarily halted until it can be investigated.

When this happens, you'll receive an email notification asking you to contact our Support department. Simply respond to the email and provide any necessary context.

To learn more, see:

Once we've determined the source of the issue, we'll take the appropriate actions to resolve.

Expired Token

If your POS provider uses an authentication token as part of the integration, they can expire from time to time. If this happens, you'll receive an email and prompt on the WISK Web Portal.

All you need to do is complete the integration again to refresh the token. The POS systems that use this can all be integrated by yourself without any outside assistance.

  • Lightspeed (L Series, K Series, O Series)

  • Square

Order Emails Not Delivered Notification

If you send an order email to a supplier and it doesn't reach its destination, you'll now receive a message about this.

In the message it includes the reason why it wasn't delivered.

Some possibilities include:

  • a typo in the email address

  • bounced email

  • the recipient unsubscribed from WISK emails

An example of the email that says the message didn't reach its destination

To learn more, see:

Manual Cost Updates in Item Timeline

For items and item variations that haven't had an invoice added for them yet, any manual changes to the cost are posted in the item's timeline.

An item with multiple variations shows each manual cost update in the timeline.


Invoice Upload - PDF Merge & Split

We have reworked the flow for uploading invoices directly on

When you now select your files to upload, it shows a preview of each file's contents. You can drag to re-arrange the page order, merge files together, or even split one large file into separate files/invoices.

The preview window for uploading invoices

Note: After setting up the invoices, you must select the supplier for each before you can submit them.

This change ensures that when you upload your invoices, they'll be in an acceptable state for our character recognition software, and our team to process them.

To learn more about these changes to uploading invoices on the WISK Web Portal, please see:

Copy Items, Batches and POS Items to Other Venues

It's now possible for you to copy Items, Batches, and POS Item mapping from one venue to another if you have Admin access to all affected venues.

When you copy Batches or POS Items, if any of the ingredients mapped to them don't already exist in the destination venue, they are created as well.


On the Items page, click the checkbox beside each item you want to copy then click the "Copy to venues" drop-down and select a venue. If you want to copy every item click the checkbox at the top left of the table to select all.

An arrow points to the copy to venues button after items have been selected

After confirming you want to perform this operation, the items are copied to the selected venue. All information tied to these items is copied over, including the latest cost, distributors, and families and categories, and you can make changes if needed.

The selected items appear in the venue


On the Batches page, click the checkbox beside each batch you want to copy then click the "Copy to venues" drop-down and select a venue. If you want to copy every batch click the checkbox at the top left of the table to select all.

A batch has been selected and an arrow points to the copy to venues drop-down menu

After confirming you want to perform this operation, the batch is copied to the selected venue. If the batch contains items that don't exist in the selected venue, they are also created.

The batch appears in the selected venue

POS Items

Copying POS Item mapping is the most complicated because it behaves differently depending on the data in the source destination.

  • If there are currently no POS Items, it creates those POS Items as an exact copy including the POS Item Code

  • If there are POS Items, it will check the POS Code, and then the title. If there's a match on either, it applies the mapping to those existing POS Items. If there is no match it creates a new POS Item

When you copy POS Item mapping, it copies everything that appears in those items, including serving sizes, batches, and items.

In this example, we have a new venue that has imported sales data and the items are unmapped.

A new venue with unmapped POS Items

Our other venue has the same POS Items and they are already mapped. In the venue with the mapped POS Items, on the POS Items page, click the checkbox beside each POS Item you want to copy then click the "Copy to venues" drop-down and select a venue.

POS Items have been selected and an arrow points to the venue to copy them to

After confirming you want to perform this operation, the POS Items are copied to the selected venue. As mentioned above, any batches, serving sizes, or items that didn't already exist in the venue are created.

The selected venue has all of the POS Items mapped.

For more information on this feature, we'll have a full article on copying coming soon.

Reupload Scanned Invoice on iOS

In an earlier update, we introduced email notifications to inform you when an uploaded invoice can't be processed due to missing information or a poor quality image.

At that time you could only re-upload the invoice by going to the WISK Web Portal.

Now you can use the mobile app to go to the invoice and replace the image.

To re-upload an invoice image:

  1. On the "Orders" tab, tap "Draft invoices history"

    The "Draft invoices history" button is highlighted for emphasis.

  2. By default, this page is filtered to show invoices with issues. Tap an invoice that has an issue

    An arrow points to an invoice with the status of "Unreadable"

  3. Tap "Reupload" to scan the invoice again

    The Reupload button displays under the invoice

For more information on how to scan the invoice, see:

Custom Fields Updates

New Fields - Toggle On Required

When you create a custom field on the WISK Web Portal, you now need to toggle the column on to start using it.

After creating a custom field on a page, click the "gear" icon (1) on the top left. If you are using a pre-set view, you'll be prompted to create a copy of the current view so you can make changes.

Select "Columns" (2) , and then scroll down to find the custom field and click the checkbox (3) . It now appears in the table/grid and you can add data.

This shows the flow for toggling on the column created by the custom field

To learn more about creating custom fields, please see:

Item Custom Fields - Now Display in iOS App

If you have created custom fields for items, they are now viewable when you tap an item on the "Items" page of the iOS app.

In this example, we have added custom fields for "Bin Number" and "Vintage". To view these properties for an item:

  1. Tap the item on the "Items" page

    An arrow points to an item, indicating to tap it
  2. The custom fields display with the other item properties

    The properties from the custom fields appear with the other item info

Previously you had to go into "Edit Item" to view the custom fields.

Variance Details - Adding an Item

Previously, when on the Variance page, if you had an item that wasn't counted in either the starting or ending inventory (it could have been missed by accident), there was no way to add a count from this screen.

If you know what the count is supposed to be, you can now add it here:

  1. On the Variance Details window of an item, click the "i" icon beside an inventory with a count of 0

    An arrow points to the i icon beside an item with a count of 0 in the end inventory
  2. In the window that opens, click Actions > Add Item

    The "Actions" menu is highlighted for emphasis and then an arrow points to "Add Item"
  3. Click "Add inventory entry" and enter the amount of the item. It gets added to the inventory count

    An arrow points to "Add inventory entry"

Charge / Credit Label on Draft Invoices

Now when adding charges and credits on draft invoices, it displays the type when selecting from the drop-down, and is labelled when added to the invoice.

It now displays the charge/credit type when selecting from the dropdown and after it's been added.

Changes Saved Message

When updating any information on, the "Changes Saved" message now appears on the bottom centre instead of the bottom right.

An arrow points to the placement of the Changes Saved message on the bottom centre


Historical Item Costs

Previously when you completed an inventory count, you'd be sent a report via email that captured all item costs and your total inventory value for that moment in time.

In the days/weeks after the inventory, you'd add invoices and your item costs may change. When viewing the previously completed inventory on the WISK Web Portal, the inventory value would update based on those latest costs. This made it difficult to compare to the initial emailed inventory report.

To solve this, we've implemented historical item costing. This means that when you complete an inventory count, item costs are based on their value at the inventory start time.

For example, you take an inventory on Sept 1st with a total value of $10,000. As you add more invoices for the week after the count, the total value of the inventory won't change if any item costs changed.

When you view a completed inventory on the WISK Web Portal, you'll see two new columns:

  1. Current cost per unit - the current cost of the item based on the most recently added invoice. This value is shown for comparison purposes and isn't used in any calculations in the inventory

  2. Inventory cost per unit - the cost of the item at the time of the inventory count. This is based on the last invoice added before the start time. This value is multiplied by the total items to get the $ value

An example of historical pricing

In the image above, the item "Bottle Sample 1" is currently $36, but at the time of the inventory count it was $33. The $33 is used to calculate the value of the inventory (10 units, for a total of $330).

Note: The only way the "Inventory cost per unit" would change is if after the inventory, an invoice is added and backdated to a time before the inventory count.

Renaming & Archiving Custom Roles

Custom roles can now be edited on the "Roles" tab in Venue Settings. For any custom role you've created, you can change the name or archive it.

The new edit options available for custom roles

Note: You can only archive roles that aren't currently assigned to a user. If you try to archive a role that's in use, you'll need to assign new roles to all affected users.

To learn more about custom roles, see:

Draft Invoice Issue Notifications

If you upload / scan a draft invoice that can't be processed by the WISK Team, you'll now receive an email notification.

Note: This email is only sent to the user who uploaded /scanned the flagged invoice.

In the email it says the reason why it can't be processed, and includes a link to the invoice.

The current reasons are:

  • Unreadable - the invoice file could be blurry, sections obstructed or cropped, angled or missing key information

  • Missing Pages - the invoice file appears to be missing pages

An example email that goes out when an invoice can't be processed

To resolve the issue, please go to the invoice and click the "Details" button to open it.

The invoice status is "Unreadable" and an arrow points to the "Details" button

Click the "Reupload invoice" button and reupload a fixed version of the file.

An arrow points to the "Reupload invoice' button

After reuploading the invoice, the status returns to "Ready for Review" and our team will process it if able.

Note: At this time you can only reupload invoices on the WISK Web Portal, but we'll soon support reuploading in the iOS app.

Arboleaf Scale - CK10A Model Supported

The CK10A model of the Arboleaf scale is now supported in the WISK iOS app. The Arboleaf scale comes in 3 colors. While listed as the same product on Amazon, the colors had different model numbers:

  • CK10G - White & Blue/Pink

  • CK10A - Black

Previously, the WISK iOS app only worked with the CK10G. We have updated the app to support all models moving forward.

For more about supported scales, see:

Draft Invoice UI Updates

We've made a few small improvements to the UI of the draft invoices page.

  1. On the bottom of the page, it now displays the difference between the invoice total on paper, and the total of all line items. This is intended to help spot any discrepancies

    The new difference line that displays on the draft invoice screen
  2. It now displays the number of line items on the "View Items" and "Charges / Credits" tab

    Arrows point to the new item counters on the draft invoices page

  3. You can now multi-select line items to delete them all at once instead of one at a time

Updated Square API

We have updated our integration with Square. If you had previously integrated your WISK account with Square, you'll need to complete the process again to continue receiving sales data.

To learn more, see:


Draft Invoice PDF Splitting

If you upload an invoice to your account to be processed by our team, each PDF must contain only one invoice.

If the PDF contains more than one invoice, there's now a tool on the WISK Web Portal to split the PDF into separate files for each invoice.

On any uploaded invoice with multiple pages, you'll see an option under the Actions menu to "Split PDF into multiple invoices"

The "Actions" menu is highlighted and an arrow points to the option to split the PDF

Clicking this options opens a tool where you can split the pages and group them together into multiple invoices. When finished, these are re-uploaded to be processed.

To learn more, please see:

Custom Fields on Purchase Orders

Custom fields are now available on purchase orders. This allows you to add notes or directions for internal use.

You can add fields as needed by opening a purchase order and clicking "Add custom field" at the bottom of the window.

There is now a custom fields section, and an arrow points to the "Add custom field" button

When you add a field type, it appears as an option on all purchase orders in the "Custom Fields" section.

Some examples of uses for purchase order custom fields include:

  • designating whether the order is for delivery or in-store pickup

  • if you have a multi-venue complex with a central receiving, you can put which outlet/venue the order is for

Some examples of custom fields on purchase orders

To learn more about custom fields, see:

Changing Case Size Message

If you change the case size of an item on the WISK Web Portal, you'll now receive a confirmation message explaining what will happen.

You can then choose to change the case size, or create a new item variation with that case size.

Note: If you change the case size, it only applies moving forward. All past inventories and invoices where a case was counted or received with the previous size will remain unchanged. If you need those to have the new case size, you'll have to remove and re-add the item to the respective inventory / invoice

To learn more, please see:

New Date Filters

When selecting date ranges on the WISK Web Portal, we've added the following options:

  • current quarter

  • last quarter

The "current quarter" and "last quarter" options on the dropdown are highlighted


Submitting an Item as 0

When taking an inventory count in the mobile app or web, we've added an option to submit an item count as 0.

Users that use the previous list when counting wanted a way to keep an item's spot in the list if it was temporarily out of stock in an area.

An arrow points to the "Submit as 0" button

When an item is counted as 0, it appears in the same spot in the previous list during the next inventory count.

To learn more, see:

New Default User Roles

For venues that have a lot of users and want to limit who can create / edit items, we've added two new default roles to venues:

  • Admin (No Item Edit)

  • Manager (No Item Edit)

Users with these roles are unable to create, edit, or archive items.

To learn more, see:

Custom Reporting Views Updates

We have renamed "Views" on the WISK Web Portal to "Reports". You'll now see "Suggested Reports" provided by WISK that can't be edited. Before this, you were able to make changes to them.

To customize your display, you can create a copy of an existing report, or add new ones. These appear under "Your Reports".

By having these separate, you'll have complete control over your reports, and our team will be able to provide curated reports for each page.

To learn more about customizing reporting views, please see:

Invoice Photos Scanning Update (App)

If adding a manual invoice, or invoice from a purchase order in the mobile app, we've updated the camera to be a document scanner.

This will result in higher quality photos for your records.

To learn more, see:

Movement Analytics Tabs

On the following pages we've added a Movements Analytics tab:

  • Invoices / Returns

  • Depletions

  • Transfers

This was previously a standalone page that would show a summary of all actions taken in WISK, including the details of each line item. You could use this page to create a number of custom reports using your data.

By having it as a tab on the pages above, the data is filtered to only show those actions, allowing you to create more detailed reports.

An arrow points to the "Movement Analytics" tab on the Depletions page

To learn more about movement analytics, see:

QuickBooks Online - Classes Support

Our QuickBooks Online integration now supports the use of classes. To learn more, see:

New Supplier Integration - US Foods

WISK can now integrate with your US Foods account to automatically import invoices into your account. To learn more, see:


Copying Inventory Entries to Another Inventory

If you find yourself in a situation where your full inventory count is spread across two separate inventories by mistake, you can copy entries from one to the other.

To learn more, see:

Copying Batches to Other Venues

For multi-venue setups that have Shared Items, but not Shared POS Items, you can now copy batches from one venue to another.

This allows you to create batches in one venue, and populate them to the rest without having to manually set them up in each venue. When copying, you can choose specific batches, or select all of them.

To learn more about this new feature, see:

Draft Invoice Improvements
Centralized Distributors


Item Cost Alerts

You can now add cost alerts to specific items and item variations. When that item goes above the set alert level, all users set to receive the notification are emailed.

The cost alert has been added to the item

To learn more, see:

POS Item Cost Alerts - Relative Cost Alert

When adding cost alerts for your POS Items, there's now an option to set an alert threshold that's the current cost percentage + a set amount.

This allows you to set alerts for multiple items at once, relative to the current cost percentage. For example, you can add an alert that triggers if the current cost increases by 5%.

When selecting multiple POS Items on the POS Items page, you'll see the "Relative Cost Alert" field.

5 has been entered in the "Relative Cost Alert" field

Just enter a value and confirm, and the cost alerts apply to the selected POS Items.

The Cost alert for the selected items has been set to 5% above the current cost percentage

To learn more, see:

Venue Transfers - Add New Transfer Manually

For venues with access to the "Venue Transfers" feature, it's now possible to add a venue transfer request on behalf of a requesting venue. This serves as a backup in the event the requesting venue isn't able to submit their order.

On the "Venue Transfers" page, you'll now see the "New venue transfer" button. Click this to select a venue, add the requested items, and put the request into preparation.

An arrow points to the "New venue transfer" button

For more information, see:

Accounting Integration - QuickBooks Desktop

WISK now supports exporting invoice data to .IIF files for importing into QuickBooks Desktop.

This feature is only available for venues with the accounting add-on. To learn more, see:

POS Integration - Fudo

WISK now integrates with Fudo POS. For more information, see:


This month the team made a number of improvements to optimize performance on the draft invoices page and taking inventory counts. In addition, the team worked on the following notable fixes / features:

iOS App - Previous List Hide Item Fix

When taking an inventory count, if you swiped an item to the left on the previous list to hide it, the item would re-appear if you toggled on the barcode scanner or exited the area.

Hidden items remain that way for the rest of the inventory unless you restore them.

To restore a hidden item, you can toggle on "View hidden items" and swipe an item to the left and tap "Show".

Product/Feature Requests

Have an idea for a new feature, or feedback / suggestions on how to improve WISK?

We've recently launched where you can share your thoughts, and vote on other user submissions.

You can click the link above, or the new "Feedback" button on the top right of the WISK Web Portal.

Based on the amount of votes and what's trending, our team will do our best to implement features / changes that are in demand.

Each submission has a status so you can see when it's being worked on and released on the platform.

Note: For any other issues, questions or bug reporting, please continue to contact [email protected] or reach out in the cat.


In addition to refinements for POS and supplier integrations, and various bug fixes, the team worked on the following:

Draft Invoices UI Updates

Loading Speed and Usability

To improve the loading speed of draft invoices, all line items except the first unrecognized item appear in a collapsed state. Just click a line item to expand it, and the invoice image highlights where the information was pulled from.

The recognized item is highlighted on the invoice on the left and shows the corresponding item on the right

Search/Add Button

We've replaced the "Actions" menu with the "Search/Add" button. You can use this to create new items or new item variations, or search the WISK database for an item.

The "Search / Add" button is highlighted for emphasis.

To learn more about these changes, please see:

Tracking New Items

We've added a number of ways to notify you about new items being added to your venue(s). For more information, see:


In addition to various bug fixes and performance improvements, the team delivered the following updates.

Lightspeed K-Series Integration

WISK now integrates with the Lightspeed K-Series POS. For more information, see:

Inventory / Variance PDF Appearance

The Inventory and Variance PDFs have been updated to look more like the WISK Web Portal.




In January, the team worked on bug fixes, UI improvements, and continued the project to improve the speed of the platform.

View Stock Shortcut

When you mouse over the stock of an item on the Items page, you can now click the arrow button to open up a window that shows all invoices, inventories, and more.

This allows you to quickly edit entries for the item if needed, instead of navigating to the respective page.

PDF Download on Web

On most pages in the WISK Web Portal, you can now download what is currently displaying in the table to a PDF. Customize your columns, sort, filter, or group your data and just click the PDF icon to download.

If you have any feedback about the PDF's appearance, please let us know.

To learn more, see:

% Discount on Invoices

When adding discounts on invoices, you can now enter a % value in the discount field. You'll now see a selector to choose a % or a dollar amount per unit / case.

Draft Invoice Converted Email

When a draft invoice is converted, users now receive an email with the invoice details.

WISK Platform Improvements Update

At this time, all venues are now on the new database infrastructure. Venues with large amounts of data should see increased speeds on the WISK Web Portal. We'll continue to monitor system performance, and improve loading speeds where possible.

As always, if you experience any issues with the speed of the platform, or information updating, please contact us at [email protected], or reach out in the chat.

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