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WISK Platform Improvements

This month we refined our POS and Accounting integrations to increase their reliability.

We're also aware of performance issues during peak activity periods on the platform. Performance is our #1 priority, and we're upgrading our infrastructure to fix slowdowns.

We'll provide more information in a later update.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact us at


Order Guide Items

Feature Category: Ordering

Plan: Essentials and higher

If you place orders of a specific group of items regularly, or have preferred item variations/purchase formats that you want to order, you can add them to your venue’s Order Guide to speed up the process.

On each item / item variation, there is now an "Order guide item" checkbox you can select.


When you add items to your order guide, you can filter the “Prepare Orders” page to only show "Order guide items". You can then add those items to your cart.

An arrow points to the

To learn more, see:

GL Account Splitting - Quickbooks Integration

Feature Category: Accounting Integrations

Plan: Professional and higher

If using the Quickbooks accounting integration, you can now create GL accounts in WISK that can be mapped to more than one account in Quickbooks.

For example, if you purchase an item that is used in both food items and alcoholic drinks.

To learn more, see:

Items (by Variation) Tab

Feature Category: Items

Plan: All

On the "Items" page of the WISK Web Portal, there is now a tab to view an item and all of its variations in the table.

Previously, you had to click into the default item variation to see all other variations.

New POS Integrations

The following POS integrations have been added:

See here for our full list of supported POS integrations.


Accounting Integration - Taxes

Feature Category: Accounting Integration

Plan: Professional and higher

As part of the Accounting Integration package, you can now create taxes, set the rate, and assign them to items on invoices. This allows you to track the amount of taxes you’ve paid on any purchases/product coming into your venue.

Depending on the supplier, the prices on their invoices may be tax inclusive or tax exclusive. By setting the tax rates and indicating how the tax is presented, you'll get the true item cost for reporting purposes.


Note: If your plan includes the accounting integration, you may need to contact our Support team to enable taxes in your account.

To learn more, see:

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