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WISK Product Updates
Learn about the latest updates and new features on the WISK platform
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This month the team made a number of improvements to optimize performance on the draft invoices page and taking inventory counts. In addition, the team worked on the following notable fixes / features:

iOS App - Previous List Hide Item Fix

When taking an inventory count, if you swiped an item to the left on the previous list to hide it, the item would re-appear if you toggled on the barcode scanner or exited the area.

Hidden items remain that way for the rest of the inventory unless you restore them.

To restore a hidden item, you can toggle on "View hidden items" and swipe an item to the left and tap "Show".

Product/Feature Requests

Have an idea for a new feature, or feedback / suggestions on how to improve WISK?

We've recently launched where you can share your thoughts, and vote on other user submissions.

You can click the link above, or the new "Feedback" button on the top right of the WISK Web Portal.

Based on the amount of votes and what's trending, our team will do our best to implement features / changes that are in demand.

Each submission has a status so you can see when it's being worked on and released on the platform.

Note: For any other issues, questions or bug reporting, please continue to contact [email protected] or reach out in the cat.


In addition to refinements for POS and supplier integrations, and various bug fixes, the team worked on the following:

Draft Invoices UI Updates

Loading Speed and Usability

To improve the loading speed of draft invoices, all line items except the first unrecognized item appear in a collapsed state. Just click a line item to expand it, and the invoice image highlights where the information was pulled from.

The recognized item is highlighted on the invoice on the left and shows the corresponding item on the right

Search/Add Button

We've replaced the "Actions" menu with the "Search/Add" button. You can use this to create new items or new item variations, or search the WISK database for an item.

The "Search / Add" button is highlighted for emphasis.

To learn more about these changes, please see:

Tracking New Items

We've added a number of ways to notify you about new items being added to your venue(s). For more information, see:


In addition to various bug fixes and performance improvements, the team delivered the following updates.

Lightspeed K-Series Integration

WISK now integrates with the Lightspeed K-Series POS. For more information, see:

Inventory / Variance PDF Appearance

The Inventory and Variance PDFs have been updated to look more like the WISK Web Portal.




In January, the team worked on bug fixes, UI improvements, and continued the project to improve the speed of the platform.

View Stock Shortcut

When you mouse over the stock of an item on the Items page, you can now click the arrow button to open up a window that shows all invoices, inventories, and more.

This allows you to quickly edit entries for the item if needed, instead of navigating to the respective page.

PDF Download on Web

On most pages in the WISK Web Portal, you can now download what is currently displaying in the table to a PDF. Customize your columns, sort, filter, or group your data and just click the PDF icon to download.

If you have any feedback about the PDF's appearance, please let us know.

To learn more, see:

% Discount on Invoices

When adding discounts on invoices, you can now enter a % value in the discount field. You'll now see a selector to choose a % or a dollar amount per unit / case.

Draft Invoice Converted Email

When a draft invoice is converted, users now receive an email with the invoice details.

WISK Platform Improvements Update

At this time, all venues are now on the new database infrastructure. Venues with large amounts of data should see increased speeds on the WISK Web Portal. We'll continue to monitor system performance, and improve loading speeds where possible.

As always, if you experience any issues with the speed of the platform, or information updating, please contact us at [email protected], or reach out in the chat.



In December, the team worked on various bug fixes, minor UI updates and performance improvements for several POS integrations.

Draft Invoices - Save Button

When processing draft invoices, there is now a "Save" button for each line item. After adding information or editing a field, you must click "Save" to commit the changes.

After clicking "Save", the subtotal and total recalculates.

Perfect Blend 2.0 Scale Fix

There was an issue that sometimes caused the WISK app to display a negative weight when an item was placed on this scale. Our team has fixed the issue and it should no longer occur.

If you encounter an issue with any supported Bluetooth scale, please contact [email protected].

WISK Platform Improvements Update

Based on feedback we've received from the venues on the new database, we're moving forward with migrating more venues.

The expectation is to have all existing venues on the new database by the end of Q1.

The change will be behind the scenes, and won't affect your data. Once migrated, you should experience faster load times when using the WISK Web Portal.

As always, if you experience any issues with the speed of the platform, or information updating, please contact us at [email protected], or reach out in the chat.


November brought assorted bug fixes and POS integration refinements along with the following updates.

iOS 12 No Longer Compatible

On Dec 23, 2022, we'll be releasing an update to the iOS app and it'll no longer function on iOS 12.

After that date, WISK will only be supported on iOS 13 or higher.

If your device supports iOS 13 or higher, we recommend updating the OS before then.

If your device isn't compatible with iOS 13, you'll need to upgrade your hardware.

Please see here for a full list of iOS 13 supported devices.

Our Supported Hardware page also has recommendations for new devices.

New Supported Bluetooth Scale

We've added a new scale that is compatible with the WISK app. To learn more, see:

POS Item Ingredient Copy Improvements

Based on user feedback, we've modified the POS Item ingredient copy function to make it clearer. When you search for a POS Item to copy ingredients from, we show the number of ingredients mapped to it.

POS Item Copy window that shows the number of ingredients beside a search result

After selecting the item, it shows exactly what'll be copied into the item.

The ingredients to be copied into the selected POS Items.

To learn more, see:

WISK Platform Improvements Update

Select venues are now on the new database. Based on feedback and performance data we've collected, we're continuing to make adjustments to improve the speed of the platform.

When ready to deploy to all venues, we'll perform a staggered rollout in Q1 of 2023.

As always, if you experience any issues with the speed of the platform, or information updating, please contact us at [email protected], or reach out in the chat.


This month the team worked on various bug fixes and performance improvements for several POS integrations.

Toast POS Modifiers Update

For users with a Toast POS Integration, you can now choose to import your modifiers as separate POS Items. To learn more, see:

WISK Platform Improvements Update

Our work to improve the performance of the platform continued this month. We have completed most of the prep-work to begin migrating databases.

We'll begin with a select group of venues for testing before rolling out to all venues.

As always, if you experience any issues with the speed of the platform, or information updating, please contact us at [email protected], or reach out in the chat.


Draft Invoice Improvements

For processing draft invoices, we've added a few quality of life improvements to help speed up the process.

Highlighted Items

When you place your cursor over the invoice on the left-hand side, it highlights areas where the character recognition software pulled information.

Click the highlighted section of the invoice to see the corresponding line on the draft invoice:

Cursor Type Toggle

When viewing the invoice on the left-hand side, you can choose between two different cursors:

  • Arrow Cursor - Allows you to click the highlighted elements on the draft invoice. Scrolling on the mouse / trackpad moves the invoice up and down. To zoom you can choose the % selector, or the magnifying glass buttons.

  • Hand Cursor - Click and drag to position the invoice image. Scrolling on the mouse / trackpad zooms in and out.

Resend Independent Inventory Reports

If you complete an independent inventory and don't receive an email with your report, you can now re-send the email from the WISK Web Portal.

  1. Go to Inventories > Independent Inventories

  2. Select the independent inventory group

  3. Click the details button beside a completed independent inventory

  4. Click Actions > Email Reports (Inventory / Consumption / Variance)

The actions button is highlighted and an arrow points to "Email Reports (Inventory/Consumption/Variance)"

WISK Platform Improvements Update

While improving the performance of the platform is always a work in progress, we are nearing the end of our latest push.

In the coming weeks, we'll be migrating databases. The new database will provide faster load times for venues with large numbers of items.

As always, if you experience any issues with the speed of the platform, or information updating, please contact us at [email protected], or reach out in the chat.


WISK Platform Improvements Update

Our team has been hard at work to optimize performance on the platform. We've made improvements this month, and the project is still in progress.

Venues with a large number of items and POS Items should experience faster loading times on the WISK Web Portal, and there should be fewer delays during peak activity periods.

If you experience any issues with the speed of the platform, or information updating, please contact us at [email protected], or reach out in the chat.

Website Redesign

As you may have seen, we've rolled out some changes to the interface of We've updated the fonts, colors, and buttons on a number of pages.

We've also improved the layout of the Draft Invoices screen.


The old draft invoice design


The new Draft Invoice design


WISK Platform Improvements

This month we refined our POS and Accounting integrations to increase their reliability.

We're also aware of performance issues during peak activity periods on the platform. Performance is our #1 priority, and we're upgrading our infrastructure to fix slowdowns.

We'll provide more information in a later update.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please contact us at [email protected].


Order Guide Items

Feature Category: Ordering

Plan: Essentials and higher

If you place orders of a specific group of items regularly, or have preferred item variations/purchase formats that you want to order, you can add them to your venue’s Order Guide to speed up the process.

On each item / item variation, there is now an "Order guide item" checkbox you can select.


When you add items to your order guide, you can filter the “Prepare Orders” page to only show "Order guide items". You can then add those items to your cart.

An arrow points to the

To learn more, see:

GL Account Splitting - Quickbooks Integration

Feature Category: Accounting Integrations

Plan: Professional and higher

If using the Quickbooks accounting integration, you can now create GL accounts in WISK that can be mapped to more than one account in Quickbooks.

For example, if you purchase an item that is used in both food items and alcoholic drinks.

To learn more, see:

Items (by Variation) Tab

Feature Category: Items

Plan: All

On the "Items" page of the WISK Web Portal, there is now a tab to view an item and all of its variations in the table.

Previously, you had to click into the default item variation to see all other variations.

New POS Integrations

The following POS integrations have been added:


Accounting Integration - Taxes

Feature Category: Accounting Integration

Plan: Professional and higher

As part of the Accounting Integration package, you can now create taxes, set the rate, and assign them to items on invoices. This allows you to track the amount of taxes you’ve paid on any purchases/product coming into your venue.

Depending on the supplier, the prices on their invoices may be tax inclusive or tax exclusive. By setting the tax rates and indicating how the tax is presented, you'll get the true item cost for reporting purposes.


Note: If your plan includes the accounting integration, you may need to contact our Support team to enable taxes in your account.

To learn more, see:

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