Email Report Permissions
How to manage which users receive email report notifications when certain actions are completed.
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By default, whenever you add a user to your venue, they are set to receive all email reports.

Users with the Admin or Manager role can manage/change email report permissions for each user in the venue via the WISK Web Portal.

Managing Email Notifications

To manage email report permissions for users:

  1. Hover your cursor over your username on the bottom left of the screen and click “Venue Settings”

    The "Venue Settings" button is highlighted.

    Note: If you have access to multiple venues, you can manage your email notifications for all venues on the "Team" page

  2. Click “Users”

    An arrow pointing at the "Users" button on the Venue Settings menu.
  3. Move your cursor over a user and click the pencil icon under the “Email Reports” column

    An arrow pointing at the pencil icon in the Email Reports column on the Users page.
  4. Click the checkboxes beside a report type to select the reports that the user receives

    The popup window that shows the reports options, all of the options as indicated above are checked.

    Note: To learn more about each type of report, see Email Reports / Notification Types

  5. After checking or unchecking a box, the changes are saved. Click the “X” when finished

    An arrow points at the "X" button, and "Inventory" is the only checkbox selected.
  6. The updated permissions display for the user. They will only receive the reports that display in the “Email Reports” column

    Inventory is highlighted in the "Email Reports" column. It is the only email report that will be sent to that specific user.

Email Report / Notification Types

The following reports are available:

  • Daily Summary - A summary of your venue’s activity from yesterday, including inventory counts, orders placed, and invoices received and more.

  • Inventory - this is sent out every time an inventory is completed and includes an inventory, consumption, and variance report (if your POS is integrated)

  • Invoice - when an invoice is added, users are given the option to send a confirmation email to all users on this list

  • POS Item Cost Alert - when one of your POS Item's cost percentage exceeds the set alert percentage. See "POS Item Cost Alerts"

  • Purchase Order - when an order email is sent to a distributor, the user is cc-ed automatically

  • Stock Alert - when the “Real-time Stock” of an item meets or goes below the “Stock Alert” level, an email notification is sent. See "Stock Alerts".

  • Weekly Summary - A summary of your venue’s activity for the past week, including inventory counts, orders placed, and invoices received and more.

Note: Click here to see examples of each report.

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