If using WISK Restaurant, you can create allergens in your venue and add them as tags at the item level. When items with allergens are added to Batches or POS Items, you’ll be able to see all of the allergens in the recipe.

In this article, we’ll go over:

  1. Creating Allergens

  2. Adding Allergen Tags to an Item

  3. Viewing Allergens

Creating Allergens

To create an allergen:

1. On the “Items” page of the WISK Web Portal, click “Actions”, then “Manage Allergens”

The actions button is highlighted and an arrow points to the

2. Click “Add allergen”

An arrow points to the

3. Enter the name of the allergen in the “Title” field and click “OK”.

4. The allergen now appears in the list. You can add additional allergens, edit existing allergens (click the pencil icon), or delete allergens (click the red box).

Adding Allergen Tags to an Item

After adding allergens to your venue, you can tag items with them. To add an allergen tag:

1. Click the “Edit” button beside an item

An arrow points to the pencil icon beside the item, Bread Flour.

2. Scroll down and find the “Allergens” field and click the drop-down arrow

On the

3. Click all applicable allergens from the list to add a tag to the item

The drop-down arrow beside

4. The selected allergens are added to the item

The allergen, Wheat, has been added to the Bread Flour Item.

Viewing Allergens

After adding allergen tags to an item, you can toggle on the “Allergens” column on the following pages of the WISK Web Portal:

  • Items

  • Batches

  • POS Items

On the Batches and POS Items screen, it will show all of the allergens that are in the recipe based on the items used.





POS Items


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