To help speed up the ordering process, you can assign par levels to each of your items.

Par levels represent the target amount of stock you wish to have on hand. You can set this as individual units, or cases (if you have indicated a case size for the item).

Setting your par levels allows you to use the “Pre-fill” options when generating your orders. It will look at your current stock, and add to the order whatever you need to reach the par level.

If you have all of your par levels set, this allows you to generate your orders in seconds.

Note: Over time, the system will calculate a WISK Par, which is based on your consumption per item. Learn more:

WISK Web Portal

To add or edit your par levels on the WISK Web Portal:

  1. Go to the “Items” page. If adding pars, you can filter your items to only show those with Missing Par Levels by selecting from “Predefined filters”.


    Note: You can also adjust your pars on the "Prepare Orders" page.

  2. In the “Your Par” column, type in the desired par level for the item (by default it is set to units but you can toggle it)

    12 has been entered into the

  3. Click into another cell, and the Par Level saves

    The new par shows for the item as 12 units.

Note: If you want to switch your par from units to cases, hover your cursor over the par level and you'll see a button to make the switch.

The cursor is placed over the item, and a button that looks like a box appears. Clicking it will switch the par measure to cases.

It will convert it to the appropriate amount of cases based on what was entered for full units. You can switch it back to units by clicking the button again.

The par has been converted to 1 case from 12 units. There is a button to turn the par back to units.

Mobile App

To add or edit your par levels in the mobile app:

  1. From the home screen, tap the “Items” Tab.

  2. Tap the display option at the top of the screen

  3. Tap “Par” from the display options

Animated gif of tapping the display options and

4. Beside each item, you’ll see either the current par level or a button to set the par level. The default is set to units, but can be switched to cases if you swipe the item to the left and tap "Edit".

5. You can use the “+” and “-” buttons to adjust the par, or tap the number in between to type a value and tap “Done”

Animated gif showing how to adjust and add par levels

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