There are two ways to integrate your Clover POS with WISK:

  1. If you have already created a WISK account for you venue, you can integrate through the WISK Web Portal

  2. If you haven’t created a WISK account, you can integrate through the Clover App Market

WISK Web Portal

Step 1 - Access Venue Settings

  1. Go to the WISK Web Portal -

  2. Hover over your user icon on the bottom left

  3. Click Venue Settings


Step 2 - Select Clover as POS Type

1. Click "Edit" beside POS Type

2. In the window that opens, click the “POS Type” drop-down menu and select Clover.

3. Before starting the setup process, you have the option to check the “Include all POS Items even if not sold” box. By default, WISK only pulls POS Items with sales from the last 6 months to keep the number of items manageable. If you toggle this on, it’ll pull historical items, and any new items you create before they are sold for the first time.

Note: You can toggle this on at any time if you don’t want to do it now.

4. When ready, click “Set up.”

An arrow points to the

Note: This opens Clover's login page in a new window. If nothing appears, please temporarily disable your browser's pop-up blocker and try again.

Step 3 - Log in to Clover Dashboard

1. A new tab opens in your browser on the Clover Web Dashboard. type your Clover username and password and click “Log In"

The Clover Web Dashboard Log In screen.

2. The integration process works behind the scenes to link WISK with your Clover account. When complete, it displays the following in the browser tab:

success: true

Note: If you receive a different message, please contact WISK support.

3. Return to the WISK tab in your browser, and click “Save”

An arrow points to the

After the integration is complete, WISK will pull up to your last 6 months of sales data from Clover. It may take a few hours for your sales data to appear.

If you encounter any errors during the integration process, or your sales data isn’t appearing, please reach out in the chat or email

Clover App Market

If you haven’t already created your WISK account, you can create it and complete the integration at the same time through the Clover App Market.

1. Log in to the Clover Web Dashboard

The Clover Web Dashboard Log In screen.

2. Click “More Tools”

An arrow points to the

3. Search for and select “”

4. Click “Connect” on the app page

An arrow points to the

5. Click “Accept”.


6. After clicking “Accept”, your venue is created in WISK, and you are directed to the Sign In page. The business owner email address (as it appears in your Clover account) will receive an email invitation to join the venue. Click the link in the invitation to set up your user account.

The invitation email with a link to create your user account.

Note: If you didn’t receive the email invitation, please check your spam folder.

7. Your WISK account is created and integrated with your Clover POS. To continue, select a plan and begin your trial.

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