When you generate an order in WISK, you have to add the invoice when the order arrives in your venue.

In this article, we'll cover the following topics:

Selecting an Open Purchase Order

To add the invoice for an order you generated in WISK:

  1. Tap “Orders” along the bottom menu bar

    An arrow points to the
  2. Tap “Add Invoices”

  3. You’ll see a list of your open purchase orders, showing the distributor and the details. Tap an open purchase order to add the invoice.

    On the

Note: If you didn’t generate an order, you can add an invoice by tapping “Add manual invoice”.

Adding Invoice Details

After selecting the purchase order, you’ll add the invoice details:

1. Tap the “Date” drop-down to select the date and time. It auto-populates with the current date and time by default. The time should reflect when the items from the invoice were unboxed and placed with your other stock.

On the

2. Drag horizontally and tap an area to select where the items from the invoice were added. If items were put into multiple areas, select the most applicable one


3. You can also add the invoice number and total (the total includes all charges, fees, credits, etc.) in the optional fields.

The optional section is highlighted where it shows the invoice number and the invoice total.

4. When done, tap “Continue”

5. You are then prompted to take a picture of each page of the invoice. This creates a digital record of the invoice that you can view in your account.

The invoice photos screen with the take picture button highlighted.

6. After taking pictures of the invoice, tap "Done".

The pictures that have been taken display in the tray, and the

Reviewing / Adjusting the Invoice

You’re now on the “List” tab. This shows you everything that was included in the purchase order. You’ll then compare the items on the order to your invoice to make sure you received everything and make any adjustments if necessary.

Received Items

If you received the item and the full amount placed in your order, you’ll swipe it to the right, and it gets added to the invoice.

A gif showing an item being swiped to the right.

Items Not Received

If you didn’t receive an item in your order, scroll down past it and move on to the next.

A GIF where the item list is being scrolled down to go past an item that was not on the order.

Different Amount Received than Ordered

If there’s an item where you didn’t receive the amount ordered (either more or less), just tap the item, adjust the amount, and tap confirm.

Full Units

In the example below, 6 units were ordered, but only 2 were received.

After making the change, it shows 2 units were added to the invoice, and 4 left that were not received.

A GIF showing how to update the number of items received.


For items that you purchase by a specific weight instead of a package/unit, you may need to adjust the amount that you received. For example, if you ordered 10lb of ground beef, but received slightly less (9.95lbs).

  1. After selecting the item, tap the amount

    An arrow points to the amount ordered for the item.
  2. Enter the value (you can use decimals) and tap "Done"

    The new value has been entered using the number pad (9.95), and an arrow points to the

  3. Tap "Confirm" to submit the updated amount

    The new amount (9.95) shows on the confirm button. The button is highlighted for emphasis.

Items not in the Initial Order

If your invoice includes an item that was not part of the initial order, you can add it by using the scan or search functions.

An GIF showing the options to add a new item, either by using the barcode scanner or the

Invoice Summary

After swiping all of your items in to be added, tap "Proceed to current scans".

An arrow points to the

This takes you to the Invoice Summary screen where you can:

  • Adjust item counts by tapping the “+” or “-” buttons.

  • Tap an item to update the cost

  • Remove an item by swiping it to the left and tapping “Delete”

The items on this screen will be added to your venue when you submit the invoice. Make sure that the costs and quantities in WISK match those on the invoice.

The invoice summary screen that shows all the items being added to the invoice

Adjusting Cost

If the cost of an item doesn’t match the invoice, you’ll need to update it.

  1. Tap the item

  2. Before adjusting the cost, make sure that it is set to the correct format. Either cost/unit or cost/case. Make sure you have the right option selected so that your pricing is accurate.

    The Unit / Case toggle is underlined for emphasis on the
  3. Tap the “Cost” field and enter the updated value and tap “Done”

    An arrow points to the

    Note: When updating the cost, make sure that you are entering the pre-tax unit cost of the item.

  4. If there are any discounts on the item, tap the “Discount” field. The discount will either be by the unit or case, depending on the format that you selected earlier. Tap “Done” after entering the discount amount.


  5. After updating the cost and adding any applicable discounts, tap “Confirm”

Invoice Total

At the bottom of the screen, it shows you the total value and number of items you’re receiving.

The unique items, total items, and total value displays at the bottom of the screen.

Note: This is the pre-tax value and doesn’t include taxes or any additional charges / fees. You can add any additional charges or credits by tapping the "Charges & Credits" tab to get the invoice total to match the value you entered in the Invoice Details. Learn more:

Submitting the Invoice

When finished reviewing the invoice:

  1. Tap Submit invoice

  2. Tap Confirm

  3. You are then prompted if you would like to send a confirmation email to your team about the invoice being added. If so, tap “Yes”.

A GIF showing the process to submit the invoice.

Confirmation Email / Difference Report

The confirmation email provides a summary of everything from the invoice.

An example confirmation email for a venue. Showing each item, the amount, the price, and the total

Below the summary, It notes any differences in quantity received vs quantity ordered and price changes.

The difference report included in the confirmation email.

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