To help save time when receiving orders you didn’t generate in WISK, you can scan invoices using the mobile app or upload images / PDFS of the invoices on the web.

The data from the scanned / uploaded invoice is then extracted using character recognition software and placed into a draft invoice that you must review and approve on the WISK Web Portal.

When the invoice is approved, it will appear in your venue and affect your stock.

This feature is best used when you receive a delivery or purchase product and didn’t generate the order in WISK and you don’t have the time to Add a Manual Invoice.

Note: If you generated the order in WISK, convert the purchase order to an invoice when it is received. For more information, please see:

Scanning an Invoice


To scan an invoice in the mobile app:

1. Tap “Orders” on the bottom menu bar

An arrow points to the

2. Tap “Scan invoice”


3. Scroll through your distributors or use the search bar to find the distributor the invoice is from. Tap the distributor.

All of the distributors for your venue display. Tap the one the invoice is from.

Note: If you need to add the distributor to your venue, tap the 3 dots on the top right of the screen.

4. Tap the “Scan” button to open the camera on your device.

An arrow points to the

Note: If you have already taken photos of the invoice on your device, tap "Select" instead and proceed to Step 9.

5. Follow the prompt on the screen to position your camera so that the invoice page is in the frame

The camera opens in the app. An onscreen prompt directs you to position the invoice within the frame.

6. You’ll see a visual indicator when the camera detects an invoice page. Hold the camera still and it will take a picture automatically

When the invoice is detected, it is highlighted in blue, and scans the highlighted area.

7. The photo then displays for you to review. If the image appears blurry, you can tap “Retake” on the top-right corner to take another photo. If it looks good, tap “Done”.

A scanned invoice page.

8. If the invoice has multiple pages, scan each of them. When finished, tap “Save”

An arrow points to the

9. You’ll see a summary of all the photos you’ve taken. You can tap a photo to view it, or delete it by swiping it to the left and tapping “Delete”. When you are done, tap “Submit”.

The invoice photo review screen where you can view or delete photos. The

Note: If you have multiple invoices to scan, submit each invoice separately. Do not take photos of all of your invoices and submit them as one.

Android Devices

If you, or members of your staff don't have access to an iOS device, there are a number of apps available on Android that you can use to scan your invoices.

We recommend Genius Scan, but there are lots of options available to you.

Once the invoice is scanned, you can then either upload it on the WISK Web Portal, or send it to your venue's unique email address. Find out more in the "Uploading an Invoice" section below.

Uploading an Invoice

You can upload invoice images or a PDF of an invoice on the WISK Web Portal. You can also send an email to your venue's unique upload email address.

WISK Web Portal

To upload invoice images or a PDF on the WISK Web Portal:

1. Click “Invoices / Returns” under “Orders”

The Draft Invoices button is highlighted.

2.Click “Upload invoice”

An arrow points to the

3. Follow the directions to upload any images (any file type) or PDF of an invoice. Once you have added the files, click “Save”

Note: Only upload one invoice at a time. If uploading a PDF, it should only contain one invoice. If you have multiple invoices in a single PDF, it won't process correctly. If uploading multiple images, they will all be considered part of the same invoice.

The upload screen. An invoice has been selected to be uploaded, and the


You can also email invoice images or a PDF to your venue’s unique email address (provided by WISK) and it will upload automatically.

This address is visible on the Invoice / Returns page.

The message that shows your unique email address for uploading invoices is highlighted for emphasis.

Tips for emailing invoices:

  1. You can attach multiple images in an email, but they will all be considered part of the same invoice. If you have more than one invoice, send a separate email for each with the images attached.

  2. If sending PDFs, you can attach each invoice as a separate PDF in the same email. Each PDF will create a draft invoice in your account. Don't put multiple invoices in the same PDF however, as it will only create one draft invoice.

Reviewing & Converting the Draft Invoice

After you have scanned or uploaded the invoice, a draft invoice is created in your venue’s account. You’ll need to review this and convert it into an invoice.

You can learn more about this in the "Reviewing & Converting a Draft Invoice" article.

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