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Contacting Support

How to reach the WISK Support team if you have any questions or experience any issues using the platform

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If you experience any issues using the WISK platform, you can contact Support the following ways:

  1. Use the chat in the mobile app or the web

  2. Call our support line - Phone Number: 1 877 891 6652

Our support operating hours are 9:00AM - 5:00PM Eastern Time, Monday to Friday.

If you require assistance outside of operating hours, please use the chat or send us an email. A representative will respond to you as soon as possible.

Mobile App Chat / Help

Tap the "?" button on the top right of the screen to access the help menu in the app.

An arrow points to the ? icon

The following options appear:

  • WISK Help Center - opens in a browser window where you can search our help articles

  • Chat with us - opens the chat widget where you can message the team and search our help articles

  • Send us an email - sends an email to [email protected] directly through the app. Responses from our team go to the email address that is logged into the app

  • Download logs for support - This is only if the support team requests your device logs. You can learn more about why that would happen here

  • Product feedback - takes you to where you can submit ideas and vote on other user submissions.

Web Portal Chat / Help

On the WISK Web Portal, you'll see support options on the top right of the page.

The support options that appear on the top of the page are highlighted for emphasis.

These include:

  • Help Page - A link to our help site with topics related to the current page

  • Page Tour - A guided tour of the current page (if there is one)

  • Contact Us - opens a menu with the following options to contact our team:

    • Email Us - Sends an email to [email protected]. Sending an email through here attaches extra info including your current venue and email. You can also attach images or take a screenshot of your current page.

    • Chat with Us - Opens the chat window to speak to a member of our Support team

    • Feedback - A link to our feedback site where you can submit product ideas and vote on other user submissions

      The options under the "Contact Us" email

You can also click the Help badge that appears on the bottom right of the screen.

An arrow points to the help launcher

This opens our support tool where you can speak with the team or search/browse our help articles. It also shows you the latest product updates.

The support tool that appears when you click the badge or "Get Help" button

Lastly, whenever you open a window, there is a question mark icon on the top left. Clicking that shows you a link to our help site, and the email us button.

An arrow points to the question mark icon

Email - Attaching Images

When sending an email to WISK Support via the "Contact Us" button, you can attach images from your computer, or take a screenshot of your browser on the WISK Web Portal.

Note: You can attach up to two images in total.

To attach images from your computer, click the + button.

An arrow points to the "Attach an image" button

To capture a screenshot of your current display (without the Email Us window), click the camera button. After clicking it once, it may take a few moments for the image editor to render.

An arrow points to the "Capture screenshot" button

You can then use the drawing tool to mark up the screenshot if needed. When finished, click "OK".

All attached images display at the bottom left of the "Email Us" window. When all images are attached, click "Send email".

The image displays on the bottom left and an arrow points to the "Send email" button

Email - Error Message

If you receive an error message on the WISK Web Portal, you'll see a "Contact Support" button inside it.

Clicking this button opens up the "Email Us" window and pre-populates the subject. It also attaches details about the error message to help our Development team investigate the issue.

You can add additional details in the Message field if needed. Click "Send email" when ready. This goes to [email protected] and our team will look into it and respond when they have more information.

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