If you ever encounter any issues using the WISK platform, you can contact support the following ways:

  1. Use the chat in the mobile app or the web

  2. Email support@wisk.ai

  3. Call our support line - 1 877 891 6652

Our support operating hours are 9:00AM - 6:00PM Eastern Time, Monday to Friday.

If you require assistance outside of operating hours, please use the chat. A representative will respond to you as soon as possible.

Mobile App Chat / Help

Web Portal Chat / Help

On the WISK Web Portal, you'll see a number of support options along the top of the page, including our help site, an email contact form, and a page tour.

The support options that appear on the top of the page are highlighted for emphasis.

To chat with a support representative, click the "?" icon on the top right.

An arrow points to the chat icon on the WISK Web Portal.

Note: If you click "?" you can search the WISK Help Center before reaching out to a support rep. This way you can read articles while on the WISK Web Portal without opening a new tab.

An arrow points to the

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