Selecting a Distributor

  1. Tap "Orders" from the bottom of the Home Screen
  2. Tap "Prepare Orders"
  3. Tap “Start” beside a distributor to begin placing an order.

Adding Items

You’ll then see all of the items assigned to that distributor. You can scroll up and down, or use the search bar to find specific items.

You can add items to the order by using the + or - buttons, or tapping the “Prefill Using Your Par” button.

The prefill is based on the par levels that you have set for each item. For more information on setting par levels, please see this article.

Reviewing the Order

After you have added your items to the order, tap “Review Order”

At this point, you can either save the items you have added so far or generate the order:

Save - This saves the items that you have added to the order so far, think of it like having items in your shopping cart. You can come back to these items to generate the order later, or even view it on the WISK Web Portal to complete the order.

Generate Order - This generates a purchase order in WISK

Generating the Order

When you tap “Generate Order”, the following options appear:

Generate and Send Emails / SMS - This generates the order and goes through the flow of emailing and texting it to the distributor

Generate and Save - This generates the order in WISK, but it has not been placed. You can still make changes to the order, and you can place it by other methods (phone, in-person, etc.).

Cancel - This takes you back to the “Order Review” screen.

Note: So long as you generate the order in WISK, even if you place it by other means, it saves you time when marking it as delivered/received in your venue.

Generate and Send Emails / SMS

When sending an order through the WISK Mobile App, the email and mobile number fields will automatically populate with the contact information you have provided for the distributor.

Please see this article to see more about adding / managing distributor details.

You can add additional emails and numbers to the order if you would like to have multiple recipients. The email address you are logged in with will also receive a copy of the order email.

You can also include any notes / directions in the body of the email.

Note: If you do not want to send an SMS message, you can leave the Mobile/Cell numbers blank, or remove the number.

When ready to send, tap Send Email / SMS. You have then successfully sent your order.

When the order comes in, you can then receive it in the app.

Email / Text Tracking

To provide assurance that your order was received by the distributor, WISK tracks when an order email/text has been opened by the recipient. You can view the tracking on the WISK Web Portal.

Example Email / SMS

Here are examples of what the order email and SMS message look like.



The SMS message includes a link to a webpage where the order can be viewed:

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