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How to add a depletion on the WISK Web Portal to remove stock due to breakage, corked, spillage, etc.

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Depletions are a flexible feature to track anything removed from your inventory that isn't a return to a distributor.

To learn more about depletions, and the appropriate time to use them, see:

Adding a Depletion

Creating the Depletion

  1. Click Inventories > Depletions on the side menu bar

    The "Depletions" menu button his highlighted for emphasis.
  2. Click the "Actions" button, then under "New" click "Depletion

    The "Actions" button is highlighted and an arrow points to "Depletion"

  3. Click the "Area" drop-down list and select the area where the item(s) will be removed

    An arrow points to the drop-down arrow in the "Area" field
  4. Select the Depletion Reason. If your venue doesn’t have any reasons, or you need to add a new one, click “New depletion reason”

    The "Depletion Reason" drop-down shows all the existing reasons. An arrow points to the "New depletion reason" button

    Note: If adding a new reason, enter the name for the depletion reason and click “OK”

    A depletion reason with the title of "Corked" has been added an an arrow points to the "OK" button
  5. Click “Save” to start adding items to the depletion

Adding Items

With the depletion created, you can now add items to it.

Before adding any items, double-check the Date field. It populates with the current date and time. If you're adding a depletion that happened in the past, click the date field to change when the item was removed from your inventory.

The "Date" field is highlighted for emphasis.

When the date and time are correct, you can add items:

  1. Click the “Add Item” field and type the name of the item, then click the item from the search results

    An arrow points to the "Add Item" field

  2. After selecting the item, enter the measurement and quantity. You can select cases, full units, or a manual weight or volume (depending on the item type)

    The item has been selected and the measurement drop-down menu has been clicked

    Note: Depletions remove stock from your venue, so make sure you're entering a positive value for the quantity.

  3. Click “Add” after entering the measurement and quantity

    4 units were added and an arrow points to the "Add" button
  4. The item is added to the depletion, and it saves automatically. You can add more items to the depletion as needed. Click the “X” button to close the window when finished

    The item is added to the depletion and the amount indicated is removed from your Stock

Depletion Added

When the depletion is added, the removed items are included in the consumption calculation for the inventory period. To learn more, see:

Managing / Editing Depletion Reasons

If you need to edit or archive a depletion reason:

  1. Click the details button beside an existing depletion

  2. Click Actions > Depletion Reasons

    The Actions button is highlighted and an arrow points to Depletion reasons
  3. Click the details button beside a depletion reason

    An arrow points to the "Details" button

  4. You can edit the depletion reason name or archive the depletion reason

    The depletion reason title and the archive button display

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