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Tracking New / Recently Added Items

How to keep track of and review any new items added to your venue

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Any new items added to your venue are highlighted on the WISK Web Portal and your email reports.

You’ll see a dedicated section for new items on each of the following:

  • Web Dashboard

  • Inventory Report

  • Invoice Email

  • Daily / Weekly Reports

You can also view the "Recently added" report on the “Items” page of the WISK Web Portal.

It’s a good practice to check your new items to make sure that item data is correct (item measurement, case size, cost, etc.)

Web Home/Dashboard

Scroll down on the Home page to see the "Items Added in Last 30 Days" table. This provides a quick view of any new items including the size, cost and date/time it was added.

To see more information about the items, click the "Go to items page" button. This shows you the "Recently added" report.

An arrow points to the "Go to items page" button

Inventory Report

When you complete an inventory count, you’ll see a section in the “Inventory / Consumption Report” email for any new items that were added.

Each item has a link to open it on the WISK Web Portal.

An example of items added during an inventory

Note: Aside from your first couple inventory counts, you shouldn’t see many items added via inventory. Most new items should be added via invoices.

This is a good way to spot any potential duplicate items that get added by mistake during an inventory count.

Invoice Email

Whenever you add an invoice, on the confirmation email, there’s a table for any new items that were added.

Each new item has a link to open it on the WISK Web Portal.

The New Item table on the invoice confirmation email

Daily / Weekly Reports

To make sure any new items aren’t missed, they also appear in a dedicated section of your daily and weekly summary emails.

An example of the New Items table on the Daily and Weekly Summary emails

Note: To modify which reports users in your venue receive, please see:

Items Page - Recently Added Report

To see your recently added items, check the "Recently added" report on the “Items” page of the WISK Web Portal.

  1. Click the current reporting view to expand the list of options

  2. Click the "Recently added" report

    An arrow points to the "Recently added" report
  3. New items display in the order added to your account, starting with the most recent. You can edit any details as needed by mousing over an item and clicking the pencil icon

    Your items are sorted starting with the most recently added

Maintaining Accurate Item Data

When an item is added to your venue, it's important to make sure all item details are correct. Common issues include:

  • the item is a duplicate of an item that already exists

  • the measurement of the item is incorrect. This often happens with weight or volume-based items that are put as "1 unit" instead of their package size / volume

  • the item cost applies to the wrong format (for example, the cost per case is put as the cost per unit)

Please see the following resources to keep your item data accurate:

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