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Does the mobile app work offline?
Does the mobile app work offline?

How the WISK mobile app's offline mode works

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When taking inventory, some areas in your venue may have a weak wi-fi connection, or no connection at all (cellars, fridges, etc.)

This isn’t an issue, because the WISK mobile app can still scan, count and even create new items entirely offline.

All of your data is saved locally and then transferred to the cloud when your device reconnects to the internet.

Note: You only need to have a network connection when you begin the inventory count.

Multiple Users & Offline Mode

If you have multiple users participating in an inventory count, all of the counts synchronize when the offline device reconnects to the internet.

In the example below, items in an area are counted in the WISK mobile app while offline. As soon as the device connects to the internet, the counted items appear in the summary of the area on other devices/browsers.

An animated gif showing items being counted in the mobile app while offline. When the internet connection is restored, the counted items appear for other users.

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