What is WISK Par?

WISK calculates recommended pars for each item based on your usage / consumption over time

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As you use WISK, your consumption data is used to provide recommended par levels for each item.

This is called the WISK Par, and is calculated by using:

  1. your last 6 weeks of consumption data

  2. your ideal stock days

WISK Par is the amount of stock you should have to last the ideal stock days, and suggests the amount needed to get up to that level based on your current stock.

Because of this, it’s important to make sure your consumption data is accurate by taking consistent inventory counts and adding all of your invoices.

Viewing WISK Par

You can find the WISK Par column on both the Items and Prepare Orders page.

The "WISK Par" column is highlighted on the Prepare Orders Page.

If you place your cursor over the information icon beside the WISK Par value of an item, you’ll see a breakdown of your rate of consumption over that time.

By hovering over the "i" icon beside a WISK Par, you'll see a breakdown of the rate of consumption.

In the example above, based on our current stock of 0 and consumption of around 0.1 units a day, WISK recommends 1.3 units to last 14 stock days (The unit values are rounded to 1 decimal place).

Ordering with WISK Par

By ordering based on the WISK Par, you should have enough stock to last the ideal stock days based on your current rate of consumption. You can use the pre-fill option or click in the “Based on WISK Par” column to add that amount to your cart.

To learn more about using pars in ordering, please see:

the "Based on WISK par" section of the prefill option is highlighted.

Ordering Example

In the example below, we don’t have any Beefeater Gin in stock and want to order more.

The ideal stock days are set to 14 days, the WISK Par is 1.3 units, and “Your Par” is 5 units. If we pre-fill our cart based on the WISK Par, we’ll only order 2 units, instead of 5. The WISK Par will always round up to the next full unit.

An animated gif showing the recommended 2 units to order being added to the cart.

This eliminates the guesswork and ensures that you’re ordering the right amount when you need it, instead of over or under ordering.

Setting Ideal Stock Days

If using WISK Bar, your default ideal stock days are set to 14 days for all distributors.

If using WISK Restaurant, your default ideal stock days are set to 7 days for all distributors.

If you click the pencil icon beside the ideal stock days, you can set a new amount.

The "Ideal Stock Days" is highlighted for emphasis.

You can also set ideal stock days for individual distributors on the “Distributors” page if you place orders with them more or less frequently than others.

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