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I didn't receive my Inventory Report Email
I didn't receive my Inventory Report Email

How to resend the report emails manually and download them from the WISK Web Portal

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Whenever you complete an inventory count, you are sent an email with your inventory, consumption and variance reports.

If you don’t receive the email with your reports, you can resend the email, or download copies on the WISK Web Portal.

Tip: Before resending the email, check your spam folder and check that your WISK user account is set up to receive inventory reports. Place your cursor over your username on the bottom left and click “Account” to see which reports you receive. You can also see the email address of your account to verify it's been entered correctly.

An arrow points to the "Account" menu option.

To learn more about updating your email report permissions and your account's email address please see:

Resending an Email Report

To resend an email report for a specific inventory:

  1. Click “Inventories” > “Inventories” on the left hand menu bar

    An arrow points to "Inventories" on the left menu.
  2. Click the "..." icon beside the inventory

    An arrow points to the "..." icon beside an inventory count.

  3. Click the "Actions" menu, then "Email Reports (Inventory/Consumption/Variance)

    The "Actions" menu is highlighted and an arrow points to the "Email Reports" option.

If the report hasn’t appeared in your inbox after 15-20 minutes, please contact [email protected] and we’ll investigate.

Note: If you have unsubscribed your email address from receiving WISK emails, please inform the team and we can re-add it to the list.

Downloading Reports

If you haven’t received your email report and need a copy immediately, you can download each individual report (Inventory, Consumption, Variance) in .xls or .pdf format on the WISK Web Portal.

To download a report:

  1. Go to the corresponding page for the report (Inventory will be under “Inventories” and Consumption / Variance will be under “Reports / Analytics”)

    The "Consumption" and "Variance" buttons under Reports / Analytics are highlighted.
  2. Select the desired inventory or inventory period

    • Inventory - click the “View” button beside a specific inventory

    • Consumption and Variance - the period between your two most recent inventories is selected by default. If you want to get the report for an older inventory, change the “From” and “To” fields

  3. Click the “Actions” button and select a file format to download

    The "Actions" menu is highlighted and an arrow points to the file formats available for download.
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