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How to see the latest cost changes of your items

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There are many ways to view and track the latest cost changes of your items, including:

  1. The Cost Changes page under Reports / Analytics

  2. The Cost Changes table on the Home page

  3. The Cost Changes tab that appears on all invoices

  4. If an invoice contains any cost changes, they also appear in the confirmation email

Cost Changes Page

On the Cost Changes page, you’ll see all cost changes for your items from invoices.

To access this page, click Reports / Analytics > Cost Changes on the side menu bar.

The "Cost Change" Report option is highlighted

The default view shows all cost changes in chronological order, starting with the most recent. There are also other reporting views available.

For each cost change, you'll see the:

  • Invoice number

  • Distributor

  • Invoice date

  • Previous cost per unit

  • New cost per unit

  • Difference amount $ (increase or decrease)

  • Difference percentage (increase or decrease)

The Cost Changes table that displays

Note: By default it shows cost changes from the last 30 days, and you can adjust the time period by clicking the "Date Range" drop-down menu.

An arrow points to the date range selector

To view the item on the invoice, click the “Details” button.

An arrow points to the "details" button

The invoice opens in a window, and you can edit the item if the latest cost needs to be changed.

An arrow points to the editor

Other Report Views

The default reporting view shows cost changes in chronological order. There are other options for grouping and sorting your data available, including:

  • By Percentage Difference

  • By Item

The other reports on the Cost Changes page

By Percentage Difference

The "By Percentage Difference" view sorts your cost changes from the largest percentage difference to the smallest.

Note: For the purposes of sorting, cost increases are considered the largest amounts, and cost decreases are considered the smallest.

The cost changes are sorted from the highest percentage difference to the lowest

By Item

The “By Item” view groups the cost changes by item, showing each item’s cost history for the selected period.

The cost changes are grouped by each item.

If you only want to see specific items, you can use the search or even create your own reporting view and customize it as needed.

To learn more about customizing your view, see:

Note: If you have any feedback / suggestions for ways you want to see this data displayed, please let us know. You can create your own reports, but we can add additional system views by request.

Home Page - Cost Changes Table

To see your cost changes at a glance, the Cost Changes table is also embedded on the Home Page.

This serves as a quick view because it shows your cost changes from the last 30 days sorted by percentage difference (positive or negative).

You can see all other views on the Cost Changes Page.

The Cost Changes table as it appears on the Home screen

Invoices - Inline and Cost Changes Tab

On the Invoices / Returns page, the “Cost changes” column shows the number of cost changes on an invoice.

The "Cost changes" column is highlighted for emphasis.

To view the cost changes on an invoice:

  1. Click the details button beside the invoice to open it in a new window

    An arrow points to the details beside an invoice
  2. If an item has a cost change, the cost displays in red if it increased, and green if it decreased. You can mouse over the cost to see the details which include:

    • Previous cost per unit

    • New cost per unit

    • Difference amount

    • Difference percentage

    • Total change (This is the difference amount multiplied by the total units received)

      By placing your cursor over the item it shows the previous and new cost

  3. To see all cost changes on the invoice at one time, click the “Cost Changes” tab

    An arrow points to the "Cost Changes" tab along the top of the window
  4. All items on the invoice with a cost change display

    All items where the cost changed display on this window

Invoices - Invoice Added Email

After adding an invoice, if there are any cost changes, they’ll also appear in a “Cost Changes” table on the confirmation email.

In the invoice email, there is a "Cost changes" table showing the item's previous cost and invoice cost

Daily / Weekly Summary Emails

If there are any cost changes in your venue, they will also appear on the daily / weekly summary emails.

An example of a daily report showing cost changes in the venue

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