STEP 1: Tap Start Inventory

Open the app and tap on “Start Inventory”

STEP 2: Select the location you are starting with

If you haven’t added your locations click here to see how.

IMPORTANT: Only one user can actively count in a specific location at a time. Please make sure that you create an account for each user in your venue. Click here to see how to create users.

STEP 3: Selecting the Bottle 

VERY IMPORTANT: When doing inventory, ensure that you do it in the same order every time. i.e. Top to bottom and left to right.


Point the camera at the barcode and it will register. (If successful skip to STEP 4)

Manual select

If the barcode didn’t register or there is no barcode, you can manually select the bottle by tapping “No barcode” in the bottom right.

  1. Type in the bottle you are looking for
  2. Tap the arrow beside the result that matches


Now you can start adding the number of bottles you have. You can add partials (with or without scale), full bottles and cases.

4.1: Adding Partial Bottle (Scale)

If you have a spout on the open bottle, please complete the following:

On the right side swipe up and then tap Add Spout

Tap on the camera icon to take a picture, then add the Title of the Spout and the Weight in grams. (you can use the scale just to see the weight, it won’t automatically load). Then tap Save

  1. Make sure the scale is turned on and Bluetooth is turned on your device. The scale shows yellow when ready to use.
  2. Place the bottle on the scale
  3. Based on weight WISK will calculate the remaining liquid in the bottle.
  4. Tap on the + button beside unit to add full bottles. You can also tap on the digit to type the number manually.
  5. To add cases, you can do the same on the left. (If case is not set, please see STEP 4.3)

If you have another partial bottle, you can tap Add Another Partial, doing so will automatically save the current bottle.

If you have no other bottles at this point in the location, tap Confirm at the bottom of the screen.

4.2: Adding Partial Bottle (Manual)

Without the scale, you can approximate the amount left in the bottle. In the example above, the bottle is half full, so select 0.5

If you have no other bottles at this point in the location, tap Confirm at the bottom of the screen.

4.3: Adding Case Size

  1. Tapp on Add Case Size
  2. Enter how many bottles are in a case
  3. Tap Save

STEP 5: Save your current location

  1. Tap on Summary
  2. Confirm the numbers for all the bottles look accurate

Tap on Save Location Inventory and Save when prompted

STEP 6: Start the next location

Tap on the next location you are looking to do inventory on and start again at STEP 3:

STEP 7: Submit Inventory

  1. Tap on Submit Completed Inventory
  2. Tap on Review
  3. Check the summary to make sure everything looks accurate
  4. Tap on Submit and tap on Approve when prompted

If you made a mistake during the inventory, see how to make an edit.

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