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WISK Restaurant - FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the WISK Restaurant Management System

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Bluetooth Scale



Inventory Counts

Ordering & Invoices

Sales & Costing


Bluetooth Scale

How do I buy the Bluetooth scale?

The WISK mobile app currently supports a number of Bluetooth scales. For more information and suggested purchase links, please see:

How do I connect the Bluetooth scale?

Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your iOS device and turn on the scale. The WISK mobile app is designed to connect to the scale automatically. You don’t need to download the app from the scale manufacturer. Please see:

If you run into any issues with getting your Bluetooth scale to connect, please see here for troubleshooting steps:


How do I integrate my Point of Sale (POS) system?

WISK integrates with over 50 POS systems. When setting up your account, you'll be prompted to select your POS and will receive setup instructions.

For a full list of POS integrations, and what to do if your POS provider isn't on the list, please see:

How do I integrate with my suppliers?

WISK integrates with a number of food suppliers. By integrating your WISK account with a supplier, you can automatically import invoices from them. For more information on the integration process, please see:

How do I invite additional users?

Users with the Admin role (normally the user account that created the venue) can invite additional team members on the WISK Web Portal or mobile app. To learn more, please see:

How do I remove a user from my venue?

If a user is no longer associated with your venue, you can remove them on the WISK Web Portal. Please see:


How do I add my items?

For the smoothest experience when adding your items, we recommend:

  1. For inventory items that you purchase, scan/upload invoices from your suppliers

  2. For inventory items prepared in house, use the “Batches” feature to create them from existing inventory items

You can add items during your first inventory, but having them in place beforehand will save you a lot of time.

For more information about adding your items, please see:

How do I add and inventory my items made in house? (Sauces, etc).

For any items that you make in house and inventory, you can add them using the “Batches” feature.

Batches are used to create prepared items from your existing inventory that can be used for mapping your POS Items and costing purposes.

When creating a batch, select the “Used as inventory item” checkbox. For more information, please see:

How do I handle duplicate items?

If you complete an inventory and have duplicate items each with a stock count, you can merge them together. Learn more:

How do I delete an item?

If you no longer carry an item in your venue, you can archive / delete it. Learn more:

How do I track spoilage / wastage?

If an item needs to be removed from your inventory because of spoilage, wastage, etc, you can add a depletion on the WISK Web Portal or mobile app. To learn more, please see the Depletions section of the help site:

Inventory Counts

How often should I take inventory?

For WISK Restaurant accounts, we recommend taking a full inventory count at least once a month.

What is a stock error?

A stock error is whenever a count for an item increases from one inventory to the next, without an invoice to account for the increase in stock.

This shows your consumption of the item as a negative number which throws off the data used to calculate your recommended pars and more. Learn more about stock errors and how to fix them here:

How do I cancel / restart an inventory count?

To keep your data accurate, you must start and finish your inventory in a period where there are no sales in your venue.

If you start an inventory and are unable to finish it, follow these steps to cancel it:

Ordering & Invoices

How do I add invoices when I receive an order?

Every time you receive stock in your venue, you need to add the invoice. You can add the invoice from a purchase order you generated earlier in WISK, or add it manually.

You can add invoices on both the WISK Web Portal and mobile app. To learn more, please see our Invoices section:

Sales & Costing

How do I add recipes to my POS Items?

When your sales data has been imported into your account, go to the "POS Items" page. You'll see a POS Item for each menu item in your POS system.

You then add items in your inventory and the quantity used each time a POS Item is sold in your venue. This is also called "Mapping POS Items". Learn more:

How do I get my menu item costs?

When you integrate your POS with WISK, all of your menu items appear in your account. You’ll then add all the ingredients that are used when that item is sold.

Based on the quantity and cost of each ingredient, it will tell you the overall cost of the item, as well as the item cost percentage (based on the menu price in your POS).

Item costs update automatically if there are any cost changes when you add invoices from your suppliers. You can even set alerts if the cost percentage of an item goes over a specific value. Learn more here:

Why is the cost percentage of a menu item so high?

Once you have added the ingredients to a menu item, the item cost will update automatically whenever the cost of an ingredient updates.

If you see a high item cost, it could be due to a data entry error.

  1. The wrong amount of the ingredient was added

  2. The cost of the ingredient is wrong

To learn more, please see:

Why don't my sales in WISK match my POS?

If your sales in WISK don't match the data in your POS, please follow the troubleshooting steps outlined here:


Why are some pages loading slowly?

WISK is a complex system that performs many calculations behind the scenes to provide you with useful and actionable data.

For that reason we recommend you access the WISK Web Portal on a computer that has at least 8GB of RAM and a stable internet connection.

We also recommend not using private browsing / incognito mode because WISK saves data locally in your browser to speed up loading times.

To learn more, please see:

How can I submit feedback or request new features?

If you have suggestions on how to improve the product, or want to request a new feature, you can click the "Feedback" button on the top right of the WISK Web Portal.

This takes you to our Feedback page. Here you can share your thoughts, and vote on other user submissions.

Based on the amount of votes and what's trending, our team will do our best to implement features / changes that are in demand.

Each submission has a status so you can see when it's being worked on and released on the platform.

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