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Before you can take your first inventory count, you'll need to add your items to your venue.

This includes everything that you purchase from your suppliers / vendors, as well as anything that is prepared in house and counted as inventory (sauces, etc.).

To add your items, follow these steps:

  1. For inventory items that you purchase, fill out and upload our template to your account

  2. Create "batches" for any inventory items that are prepared in house

Item Upload Template

Using our template, you'll be able to upload all of your items and include their measurement size, cost, par level, distributors and more.

If you already have an inventory/item sheet for the items in your venue, you can paste the relevant data into the template.

To download the template:

  1. Go to the "Items" page on the WISK Web Portal

    An animated gif clicking on Items then Items.
  2. Click the "Import Items from Excel file" link

    An arrow points to the

    Note: This link appears if your venue has less than 25 items. After that, you can find the import button under the "Actions" menu on the top right.

  3. Click "Download template"


To learn more about how to fill out the template and upload your items, please see:

Batched Items Counted as Inventory

These are items that are made from other items in your venue and counted as inventory. For example, you may create a pasta sauce from tomatoes and other ingredients and then jar it. When you take inventory, you count these jars as separate items.

There is a process for creating batched items that you can learn more about here:

By having these set up prior to your first inventory, you'll be able to count them properly during it.

All Items Added to Account

After you've added all of your inventory items (including any batches that are counted as inventory), make sure that you have added any missing item information, including costs.

You can use the upload template, mobile app, or WISK Web Portal to fill in the missing data. Learn more here:

After adding your items, you're ready to begin your first inventory count.

Note: If you missed some items, you can add them during the inventory count.

Adding Items After First Inventory

After you've completed your first inventory count, any new items coming into your venue should be added from an invoice. Learn more here:

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