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How to add items to your WISK Restaurant account

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Before your first inventory count, you must add your items to your venue.

This includes everything that you purchase from your suppliers / vendors, as well as anything that is prepared in house and counted as inventory (sauces, etc.).

A few example items are included in your account to show you how they appear in the system.

An example of the items that appear in a food account by default.

Adding Your Items

To add your items, follow these steps:

  1. Scan invoices from your suppliers using the WISK iOS app, or upload PDFs/images on the WISK Web Portal. The invoices are processed by our team and the items are added to your account

  2. Create "batches" for any inventory items that are prepared in house

Note: It's also possible to add items through a vendor integration available on Professional or higher plans. If you purchase inventory from one of our supported suppliers, WISK can import those invoices into your account. Learn more:

Invoice Scanning / Upload

To start building your venue's item list, we recommend you scan / upload invoices from the past 14 days. The purpose of this is to capture as many of your inventory items and distributors as possible.

You can scan the invoices using the iOS app, or upload / email them to your account.

To learn how to scan/upload invoices, please see:

Important: When adding invoices, please follow the specific instructions for each method to make sure they can be processed by our team. We've included tips in the section below.

When an invoice is uploaded, our character recognition software pulls the relevant details and a member of our team reviews and finalizes it.

All you need to do is review the items that were created and make sure the information is accurate. Our team does their best based on the information provided in the invoice, and will ask for clarification if needed.

If there are any mistakes, please let us know and we'll work with you to correct them.

Note: Once a venue is fully set up, the typical turnaround time to process an uploaded invoice is between 24-48 hours. When our team is creating your items for the first time, may take longer.

Invoice processing by WISK is a feature of the Professional plan, but is included in the setup of Essential venues. After setup is complete, Essential venues can still scan/upload invoices, but must do the processing themselves.

Scanning / Uploading Tips

Please follow these best practices when adding invoices to make sure they can be processed by our team.


If using the WISK app and you have multiple invoices to scan, submit each invoice separately. Do not take photos of all of your invoices and submit them as one.

This puts all invoices into one draft invoice and can't be processed. For more information, see:

WISK Web Upload

If uploading invoices on the web, you can upload multiple files at the same time. When the files are selected, you can choose whether:

  • they are processed together as a single invoice (only if all files are images)

  • or create separate invoices for each file

For more information, see:


Emailing invoices functions differently than uploading them in the WISK Web Portal. Please see these tips to make sure emailed invoices are processed correctly:

  1. You can attach multiple images in an email, but they will all be considered part of the same invoice. If you have images of more than one invoice, send a separate email for each with the corresponding images attached.

  2. If sending PDFs, you can attach each invoice as a separate PDF in the same email. Each PDF creates a separate draft invoice in your account. Don't put multiple invoices in the same PDF however, because it will only create one draft invoice

  3. If you attach an image and a PDF in the same email, they're processed as separate invoices.

Batched Items Counted as Inventory

These are items that are made from other items in your venue and counted as inventory. For example, you may create a pasta sauce from tomatoes and other ingredients and then jar it. When you take inventory, you count these jars as separate items.

There is a process for creating batched items that you can learn more about here:

By having these set up prior to your first inventory, you'll be able to count them properly during it.

Other Methods

For the best experience adding items, we recommend scanning / uploading your invoices. However, there are a few other ways to add items if needed.

Adding Items Manually

If you have items without any recent invoices, you can create items manually in the iOS app and WISK Web Portal.

To learn more, see:

Item Upload Template

As an alternative to scanning and uploading your invoices, you can fill out our item upload template.

This may be a better option if you already have an inventory/item sheet for the items in your venue because you can copy the relevant data into it.

To learn more about the item upload template, see:

Note: This is a more active approach to adding your items, but takes time to input the data into the template. By scanning / uploading your invoices, the items are added to your venue automatically.

All Items Added to Account

After adding all of your inventory items (including any batches that are counted as inventory), make sure the existing data is accurate and add any missing item information, including costs.

You can use the upload template, mobile app, or WISK Web Portal to fill in the missing data. Learn more here:

After adding your items, you're ready to begin your first inventory count. If you missed some items, don't worry, you can add them during the inventory.

Note: After adding all your inventory items, you can delete the example items. Learn more here:

Adding Items After First Inventory

After you've completed your first inventory count, any new items coming into your venue should be added from an invoice. Learn more here:

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