There are typically two reasons our users ask us how to start their account fresh / reset WISK:

  1. They signed up recently and were testing out some features

  2. They’re using WISK again after a period of inactivity

While you cannot reset all of the data in your account, you can archive / delete specific actions or items:

New Accounts

If you have signed up recently, you can archive specific actions as noted above to get your account to where you want it.

Returning After Inactivity

If you have been using WISK for some time, and are returning from a period of inactivity, your account will have a lot of historical data. In order to “start fresh”, it’s not necessary to archive every single piece of information.


We recommend that you start by taking an inventory count. Use the barcode scanner or search when counting, because the list view may no longer be accurate (counts, and placement of items).

Alternatively, you can submit an empty inventory to serve as your new starting point. You’ll save all of your areas as empty and submit the inventory. When you take your next count, the “List View” will be blank, and you’ll scan or search to inventory your items. Learn more about saving empty areas here:

Consumption Data & Pars

WISK uses your past 6 weeks of consumption data to calculate your pars, overstock, deadstock etc. As you start to use WISK again, this data will re-appear over time.

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