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How can I reset / delete data in my account?
How can I reset / delete data in my account?

How to archive / delete data to get a “fresh start” after testing or a long period of inactivity

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There are two main reasons why users ask how to start their account fresh / reset WISK:

  1. They signed up recently and were testing out some features

  2. They’re using WISK again after a period of inactivity

While you cannot reset all of the data in your account, you can archive / delete specific actions or items.

New Accounts

If you have signed up recently, you can archive specific actions to get your account to where you want it. To learn more, see the links below:

Returning After Inactivity

If you have been using WISK for some time, and are returning from a period of inactivity, your account will have a lot of historical data.

To “start fresh”, you don't need to archive every single piece of information.


We recommend that you start by taking an inventory count. Use the barcode scanner or search when counting, because the list view may no longer be accurate (counts, and placement of items).

Alternatively, you can submit an empty inventory to serve as your new starting point. You’ll save all of your areas as empty and submit the inventory. When you take your next count, the “List View” will be blank, and you’ll scan or search to inventory your items. Learn more about saving empty areas here:

Consumption Data & Pars

WISK uses your past 6 weeks of consumption data to calculate your pars, overstock, deadstock etc. As you start to use WISK again, this data will re-appear over time.

To learn more, see:

Account Data Cleanup Tips

For additional tips on how to get your data into good shape, see:

Starting a New Account

In most cases, following the steps outlined above should be enough to get your account on track.

While not recommended, if you need to restart your account from scratch, our Support team can create a new venue for you.

Note: We'll only create a new account if requested by the Admin user with the email address that appears on billing information / invoices.

This will be a new account, and won't contain any historical data. This means you'll have to:

  • Add all of your items and any batches

  • Add all of your distributors

  • Integrate your POS and map POS Items

  • Invite all users

  • You won't see a variance until after at least your second inventory

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