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WISK Restaurant - Item Upload Template
WISK Restaurant - Item Upload Template

Instead of uploading your invoices to build your item database, you can use our spreadsheet template

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If you don't want to scan/upload your invoices to build your item database, you can use our spreadsheet template to upload items to your venue.

If you already have an inventory/item sheet for the items in your venue, you can paste the relevant data into the template.

Item Upload Template

Using our template, you can upload your inventory items and enter their measurement size, cost, par level, distributors and more.

Downloading the Template

To download the template from the WISK Web Portal:

  1. Click "Items" then "Items on the left menu bar

    The Items button is highlighted for emphasis.
  2. Click the "Import Items from Excel file" link

    Note: This link is visible if your venue has fewer than 25 items. After that, you can find the import button under the "Actions" menu on the top right corner

    The "Actions" menu has been clicked and an arrow points to "Import Items from Excel file".

  3. Click "Download template" on the pop-up window that appears

    The "Download template" button is highlighted for emphasis.

Filling out the Template

Use the template to add inventory items that you purchase from distributors/suppliers.

Any inventory items that are prepared in house will be added later using the Batches feature.

A few example items are included in the template to demonstrate how to fill it out.

Required Fields

To add an item, fill in the 3 required fields in an empty row:

  • Item Name

  • Quantity (the size of the item based on its unit of measurement)

  • Unit of Measurement

For more information on the available units of measurement, please see:

At a minimum, this is all you need to upload a list of your items, however you can fill out additional fields if you have the information available (adding the costs and distributors now keeps you from having to enter them in a later step).

Family & Category

While not required, you can select the Family and Category of an item from a drop-down list of options in the template, or you can enter your own by typing or pasting into the fields.

If you leave either field blank for an item, it defaults to "Unknown" when you upload the template. You can change the Family or Category at any time on the "Items" page in the WISK Web Portal or mobile app.

If you select a Category and leave the Family field blank, it’ll automatically assign a Family to the item based on the selected Category after the file is uploaded.

Note: You can customize your families and categories and don't have to use the defaults. When you upload the template, any new Families & Categories will appear in your venue.

You can also go to the "Data" tab on the template to change the options in the drop-down list.

Additional Columns

These columns aren't required to upload and create new items, but filling them out can save time since they will be uploaded and updated in a batch.

For descriptions of each column, please see the template.

  • WISK Item ID (leave this blank)

  • Alias (The name by which the Quantity + Unit of Measurement will be displayed on the UI. For example, can, pack, bottle, etc.)

  • Pack/Case Size

  • Cost

  • Cost UoM (If left blank, it will default to "unit")

  • Distributor

  • SKU (Distributor Code)

  • Order Format

  • Par Level

  • Barcodes

  • Full Weight (grams)

  • Empty Weight (grams)

  • Image URL

Note: If you’re using custom fields, they will also appear in the template:

Uploading the Template

  1. After filling out the template, return to the "Import items from Excel file" pop-up and click “Browse". Select the filled out template.

  2. Click “Upload”

    The "Upload" button on the "Upload Items" screen is highlighted to be clicked.
  3. The new and/or updated items appear in your list of items with the data you have populated in the template.

Note: If you're importing a large number of items, it may take some time to create them. You'll be sent an email notification when the process is complete.

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