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View an Item's Cost / Price History

You can view an item's invoice history to see how its price has changed over time

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As you add invoices from your distributors/suppliers, item costs change over time. To help keep track:

  1. Cost changes appear in your daily and weekly summary report emails

  2. You can view an item’s cost history on the WISK Web Portal

Daily / Weekly Summary Emails

If an item cost has changed because of an invoice, a "Price Changes" table appears in your Daily / Weekly summary email.

This displays the item(s), details about the price change, and a link to open the item(s) in the WISK Web Portal.

An example of the Price changes table that appears in the daily and weekly emails

To configure who receives these emails, please see:

Item Cost History

To view an items' cost history on the WISK Web Portal:

  1. Click “Items” > “Items”

    The "Items" button is highlighted on the side menu bar.
  2. Place your cursor over an item and click the arrow icon in either the “Cost per Case” or “Cost per Unit” columns

    The "Cost per Case" and "Cost per Unit" columns are highlighted.
  3. This gives you a breakdown of every invoice entered that contains the item, displaying the date, time, quantity received, and the cost on the invoice. To view an invoice, you can click the “...” button beside it.

    The window that opens and displays the invoice history for the item.

Note: This is a good way to spot any anomalies if a POS Item cost alert triggers. For example, if the cost per case is entered as the cost per unit, that will cause the item cost to spike.

Depending on your account settings, your current item cost is based on either the most recent invoice cost, or a weighted average. Learn more:

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