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Add/remove users and manage user roles and permissions for all your venues on one page

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On the Team page, Admin users can:

  • Add or Remove users from venues

  • Change a user’s role

  • Manage email report permissions

If you have access to multiple venues, all venues display on this page regardless of your current active venue.

This is an easy way to manage your teams across all venues.

Note: If you would like to only see users from the active venue, go to the “Users” tab under Venue Settings.

Access Team Page

To access the Team page:

  1. Put your cursor over your username on the bottom left of the screen

  2. Click “Team”

View by Venues

The default view shows you each venue you have access to. You can expand a venue to see the users and their permissions.

After expanding the venue, you can make changes as outlined in the Modifying Users section below.

View by User

On this view, you’ll see each user. Expand the user to see the venues they have access to.

This is a great way to make changes across multiple venues for a single user. For example, if you only want to receive a weekly report email from your venues.

Advanced Invite Options

If you have a large amount of venues, there are options to invite:

Modifying Users

As an Admin user, you can:

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