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Venue Settings is where you set and manage various details of your venue, including:

  • POS & Other Integrations

  • Business Hours

  • Ideal Stock Days

  • Users & Permissions

Note: Venue Settings is only available on the WISK Web Portal

Opening Venue Settings

In the WISK Web Portal, Move the cursor over your user name on the bottom left, and click the “Venue Settings” button.

An arrow points to the

The Venue Settings window opens. By default, it shows the “Edit” tab, and you can click the tabs to switch between them depending on what you need to do.



On the “Edit” tab, you can manage information about the venue, enable features, and set up integrations.

Beside each option, there is a tool tip explaining how the element works with a link to an article (if applicable).


Some things you can manage include:

  • Display language and currency

  • Business day starting hour (this is used to help import sales data into your venue)

  • Integrations (POS, accounting, barcode printer)


On the “Details” tab, you’ll see data about your venue.

This includes your venue's set up progress, the total number of inventory counts and invoices received, and when your sales were last updated.



This is where you invite, remove, or edit users in the venue. To learn more, please see the “Users” section on our Help Site.


This is where you create and edit user roles in the venue. Each role has different permissions for what actions they can perform in WISK. To learn more, please see:


This shows a history of any changes made to the venue on the “Edit” tab.

GL Accounts

For venues that have the accounting software integration enabled. To learn more, please see:

Partner Venues

If you have multiple venues and transfer stock between them, you must designate them as Partner Venues. To learn more, please see:

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