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If you have multiple venues, you can designate them as Partner Venues for the purposes of transferring stock

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If you have more than one venue, you may need to move stock between them. You can accomplish this by designating these venues as “Partner Venues”.

You can then use the “Transfer to Partner Venue” action to move any required stock. Learn more:

Setting up Partner Venues

To designate a partner venue:

  1. From one of your venues, hover your cursor over your username on the bottom left and click “Venue Settings”

    The "Venue Settings" button is highlighted for emphasis.
  2. Click the “Partner Venues” tab

    An arrow points to the "Partner Venues" tab on the Venue Settings screen.

  3. You’ll see each venue that your user account can access. If your user account has the Admin role in both venues, you can click the “Partner Venue” checkbox

    An arrow points to the "Partner Venue" checkbox.

    Note: If you have the Admin role in only one of the venues, you won’t be able to check the box.

  4. The venues are now linked and you can transfer stock between them

    The "Partner Venue" checkbox is now checked, and the two venues are linked.

    Note: This is a two-way link. In the image above, “Partner Venue Example - Downtown” and “Partner Venue Example - Uptown” were linked using the Downtown account. If you switch to the Uptown account, you’ll also see they are linked

    The venues show as linked when you switch to the other Partner Venue.
  5. When the venues are linked, you'll see the partner venue on the "Distributors" page

    The Uptown venue now appears on the Distributors page.

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