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The Movements Analytics page is a powerful tool that shows the complete movement history of items in your venue as they are:

  • Brought in via invoices

  • Moved between areas via transfers and

  • Removed via returns or depletions

Just select a time period, and filter by the following options:

  • Invoices

  • Transfers between areas

  • Returns

  • Depletions

By default, this data is sorted by year > month.

You can further refine what you want to see by using the search, or creating custom views to group and sort the data. Learn more here:

Viewing Item Data Example - Invoices

A common use of this page is to see how much of an item you’ve ordered over a period of time.

In the example below, we’ll check to see how much Grey Goose 750ml we’ve ordered so far in the current year.

Note: This number is based on your invoices, so make sure that you are every invoice to WISK.

  1. Under “Reports / Analytics” click “Invoices / Depletions / Transfers”

  2. By default, it displays all movements for all items in the venue for the current year. You can use the search bar to find a specific item, or you can create custom grouping to show individual items

    All items in the venue display. The
  3. Click into the “Date Range” field to select a time period from the drop-down menu. There are a variety of options, but you can also set a custom range

  4. At this point, it shows all types of movements. Select a movement type from the “Predefined Filters” drop-down to narrow it down. In this example, we’ll select Invoices


    Note: You can only filter by movement types that exist in the venue. For example, if you haven’t created any returns they won’t appear as a filter option

  5. All movements of the selected type display. In this example, we can see every invoice we added for the item, along with the total dollar value and number of units ordered (Displayed in the Item Total, and Line Measurement columns).

    The page displays all of the invoices for Grey Goose 750ml for the current year.

Download Invoices Report

If you’d like to see the total amount of invoices for all items for the current year, you can also download a spreadsheet that shows your invoices by month, or by week for each item:

  1. Click the “Actions” button

  2. Select either the monthly or weekly report

  3. In the downloaded file, you’ll see the record of invoices for every item by month or week, showing the amount of each item, and the cost. You’ll also see a grand total of the year to date so far

This is a quick way to see your invoices and the amount spent on all items in the current year, but doesn’t provide the same flexibility as the page.

Other Uses

There are countless ways to manipulate and display the data on this page. Through use of custom views and even custom fields, you can create your own custom reports.

Some examples include:

  • Amount spent on orders to a specific distributor or all distributors / suppliers over a period of time

  • A full record of transfers in your venue from area to area

Learn more:

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