About Custom Fields

Custom fields are a flexible tool that allows you to add custom data to your items. A few examples include tasting notes, tags, and expiration dates, but the possibilities are limitless.

You can create columns for anything that is not in WISK by default. This allows you to add fields for anything unique to your venue, without the need for extra development.

Custom fields don’t interact with any of the behind-the-scenes calculations in your account (consumption, recipe costing, etc.), but are great for searching, sorting, and filtering your data.

Note: The amount of custom fields you can create depends on your subscription plan.

Creating a Custom Field

You can create custom fields for your WISK Items, POS Items, and distributors. To create a custom field:

1. Go to the corresponding page on the WISK Web Portal (Items, POS Items, Distributors)

2.Click Actions > Add custom field

Note: For distributors, you'll see the "Add Custom Field" button after clicking on the details button beside a specific distributor.

An arrow points at the

3. Give the field a name, and select the field type. Depending on the field type, you may need to enter additional information. Please see the “Field Types” section farther down the page for more details.

The add custom field screen, where you select the field type and give it a name/label

4. Click “Save”

5. The custom field is added to your venue. To view it, click “Columns” then click the checkbox beside the custom field name.

A list of toggle-able columns with the new custom field column highlighted and toggled on

6. With the field visible, click it for an item to add a value.

Field Types

You can create custom fields of the following types:

  • Small Text - Displays one line of text. Good for short descriptions.

  • Large Text - For larger strings of text, you can adjust the size of the text box and scroll through the contents. It displays multiple lines of text.

  • Checkmark - Can use a check box to indicate a true or false attribute. You can use the filtering options to show checked or unchecked items.

  • Drop Down - Select a value from a defined list. When creating the field, you’ll set the values, and can always edit the field to add more.

  • Round Number - For positive or negative round numbers.

  • Decimal Number - For decimal numbers. When creating the field you’ll define the number of decimal spaces.

  • Date - Allows you to select and date and time from a calendar selector

  • Currency - For currency values. You’ll select the symbol when creating the field.

  • Multiple Select - Can use to create a number of tags that you can select for an item. You can select more than one tag per item.

  • Images - Allows you to upload additional images for your items

  • URL - A link to an external site (could be the distributor or manufacturer, etc.).

Managing Custom Fields

To manage your custom fields:

1. Go to the corresponding page on the WISK Web Portal (Items, POS Items, Distributors)

2. Click Actions > View custom fields

Note: For distributors, you'll click the gear icon after clicking on the details button beside a specific distributor.

An arrow points at the

3. All of your custom fields display. On the bottom left you’ll see your total count of custom fields. If you need to edit a field or archive it, click the “...” in the Details column.

The list of active custom fields with the details button and the total count of custom fields highlighted

4. After clicking “Details” you can rename the field, and depending on the type make changes. In this example, you can add or remove options for the dropdown. Your changes save automatically. If you need to delete the field, click “Archive” on the top right.

An example of a dropdown list custom field, and the selectable values in the list.

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