If want to download a copy of a report or export specific data from your account, there are two main ways to do this on the WISK Web Portal.

  1. Actions Menu

  2. Data Table Excel Export

Most pages, inventories, invoices, orders, and reports will have these options available.

Actions Menu

On most pages on the WISK Web Portal, you’ll see an “Actions” button on the top right of the screen.

Clicking the drop-down menu displays options for downloading PDF or .XLS files if applicable.

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Note: The content of the Actions menu will vary depending on the page.

Data Table Excel Export

If the page displays data in a table, you can export the current columns and contents to an .XLS file by clicking the Excel icon next to the View and Display options.

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If you need to customize the data that is exported, you can use the display options to group, filter, sort, or make certain columns visible. You can learn more about this here:

You can also have the venue name appear in the exported file by clicking the gear icon and then the "Include venue name in excel header" checkbox. This only applies to files exported from the current page.

An arrow points to the gear icon, and the

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