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If there are items in your venue that you no longer carry, you can archive them.

Archived items don't appear in searches and cannot be added to orders.

Before archiving items, there are some things to consider:

  • If you have two items that are the exact same, we recommend merging them instead of archiving

  • If an item is used in a POS Item or batch, or is currently in a distributor cart, you’ll receive a prompt to remove it from them before you can archive it. See “Archiving Errors”.

You can archive items in both the WISK Web Portal and the mobile app.

WISK Web Portal

On the WISK Web Portal you can archive individual or multiple items at the same time.

Individual Items

You can archive items on the “Items” page, or any page you can access the “Edit Item” screen.

Items Page

Hover your cursor over the item you want to archive and click the blue arrow button. Click “Archive” from the drop-down menu.

The blue arrow button beside Grey Goose 750ml is highlighted. It has been clicked, and an arrow points to

Edit Item

  1. Hover your cursor over the item you want to archive and click the “Pencil” icon

    The cursor is placed over an item and the pencil icon is visible. An arrow points to the pencil icon.
  2. Click the “Actions” menu button, and then click “Archive”

    On the
  3. Click “OK” on the confirmation message


Multiple Items

  1. On the Items page, click the checkbox beside the item(s) you want to archive.

  2. Click the “Archive” button that appears'

    The checkboxes beside multiple items have been clicked (and are highlighted for emphasis). A window displays at the bottom of the page showing the number of items selected. In that window, an arrow points to the
  3. Click “OK” on the confirmation screen


Mobile App

Note: On the mobile app, you can only archive items one at a time.

From the Items tab:

  1. Swipe the item you want to archive to the left

    On the Items tab of the mobile app, an arrow points to the left beside an item, indicating to swipe left.
  2. Tap “Archive”

    An arrow points to the
  3. Tap “Archive” on the confirmation screen


Restoring an Item

If you archived an item accidentally, or have started to carry an archived item again, you can restore it. Learn more here:

Archiving Errors

You’ll receive an error prompt if you try to archive an item that is currently:

  • used in a POS Item or Batch

  • in a distributor shopping cart

For each item, you’ll see the corresponding errors:

The archive error screen. It displays the POS Items / Batches and carts that the item is in.

To archive the item successfully, you’ll need to remove it from where it’s being used, then click “Retry”.

You can take the following actions to fix the errors:

Edit POS Item / Remove from Shopping Cart

You can edit each individual POS Item and batch, or remove the item from the distributor shopping cart by clicking in the “Edit” column.

This allows you to remove the item and add a new ingredient (if necessary).

Learn more about:

Note: If you want to remove the item from everything and not add a replacement at this time, you can click “Force Archive


If you’re archiving an item because you intend to swap it with another ingredient, you can click “Swap Item” to replace it with another item. The new item will then appear in all POS Items and batches that contain the item you’re archiving.

To learn more, see:

An arrow points to the

Force Archive

This removes the item from every POS Item, Batch, and shopping cart it appears in.

An arrow points to the

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