If there is an item in your venue that you no longer carry, you can archive it.

Archived items don't appear in your venue's list of items and cannot be added to orders.

You can archive items in both the Web Portal and the WISK app.

Web Portal

On the Items screen:

  1. Click the checkbox beside the item you want to archive.
  2. Click the “Archive” button that appears
  3. Click “OK” on the confirmation screen


From the Items tab:

  1. Swipe the item to the left
  2. Tap “Archive”
  3. Tap “Archive” on the confirmation screen

Note - You are not able to archive items that were counted in your most recent inventory.

If you are archiving an item that is currently being used in a POS Item, you'll receive a prompt to remove it from the recipe before you can archive it.

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