With WISK Food, we recommend adding your items prior to your first inventory for the best experience.

This is different from WISK Beverage, where you’d add items during your first inventory by scanning barcodes and returning a match from the WISK database.

Since food items don’t rely on barcodes as much, you have more options for adding them.

There are 3 ways to add items to your WISK Food account:

  1. Item Sheet Upload
  2. Distributor Integration
  3. Manual Entry

Note: If there are items that you count in inventory that you prepare in house, you’ll want to add these as a batch. Please see “Batched Items” below.

Item Sheet Upload

If you already have an inventory/item sheet for the items in your venue, you can paste the data into our upload template.

When uploading your items, you can input the prices, par, levels, distributors, and more for each item.

To learn more about how to upload your items, please see:

Distributor Integration

Depending on your distributors, WISK may be able to integrate with their system to pull your past and future invoices to add items from them to your venue.

For a list of current integrations, and how to set it up, please see:

Manual Entry

If you don’t have an item sheet to upload, or just need to add a few items, you can add them in the WISK Web Portal or mobile app.

You can add items before, or even during inventory

To learn more about adding items, please see:

Batched Items

These are items that are made from other items in your venue. For example, you may create a pasta sauce from tomatoes and other ingredients and then jar it. When you take inventory, you count these jars as separate items.

There is a special process for creating batched items that you can learn more about here:

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