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My Sales in WISK are Missing / Don’t Match my POS
My Sales in WISK are Missing / Don’t Match my POS

How to troubleshoot if the sales data in your POS and WISK don't show the same quantity

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Sometimes, you may see an issue where your sales for a period in WISK don’t match what’s in your POS. For example, your POS may say you sold 100 Vodka Shots during an inventory period, but in WISK it says you sold 80. Or you may have sold a few bottles of a rare champagne, and you’re not seeing those sales in WISK.

If there are any discrepancies between the sales data in your POS, and what you see in WISK, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

Note: This is for the raw data that is coming into WISK from your POS. If you’re noticing issues with your sales and variance due to recipe mapping, please see Troubleshooting Variance - Sales.

Refresh Sales Data

WISK automatically searches for new sales data every 6 hours, and when you submit an inventory or invoice. however, you can trigger a sales refresh manually on the WISK Web Portal. If it detects new sales data, they will be imported.

Learn more:

Note: If your POS is integrated through a daily sales report, it’s possible that the sales from the previous day haven’t been uploaded yet. Triggering a manual refresh should pull them into your account.

Missing POS Category

Depending on your POS and your type of integration, it may only send sales data from specific categories in your POS. If a new category is created, make sure it is included in the sales data sent to WISK. If you don’t see the sales from the category, please check with your POS provider.

As an example, prior to 2020, take-out alcohol was not something that existed in a number of markets. As a result, some POS systems did not send that data to WISK, and had to be configured to do so.


If comparing the sales from your POS to those in WISK, make sure that you are looking at the same time frame. If your inventory start and end times are incorrect, that can create discrepancies between the sales numbers. If you need to adjust your inventory times, please see:

Archived POS Items

If you’re missing the sales for one of your POS Items, and the rest of your sales data matches what’s in your POS, it’s possible that you may have archived a POS Item that has sales.

This might have been an item that you stopped selling for a time and decided to archive it, and are selling again now.

You can learn how to restore your archived POS Items here:

Permanently Deleted POS Item

If you’re missing the sales for a POS Item, and it isn’t appearing in your archived POS Items, it’s possible that the item might’ve been deleted permanently. When viewing your archived POS Items, if you click the checkbox beside an item, there is an option to delete it.

We only recommend doing this for POS Items in your account such as modifiers that will never be sold. Deleted items cannot be restored on your end, and their sales are not factored into your account’s data.

If an item has been deleted permanently by mistake, please contact [email protected] and the development team will be able to restore it for you.

If you’ve looked into the reasons above, and your sales data in WISK still doesn’t match what is in your POS, please contact [email protected].

Sales Data Still Missing

If you've checked all of the above and you still have sales data missing:

  1. Make sure that you have properly closed out the reporting day(s) in your POS System

  2. Contact us at [email protected] or use the in-app chat and provide a copy of your sales report for the period (this should show the quantities and $ value of items sold)

Our team will investigate as to why we are not receiving the full sales amount.

Based on our findings we may need to contact your POS provider to resolve the issue.

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