Can I merge areas together?

You cannot merge areas, but you can add, edit and delete areas to reflect any changes at your venue

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At this time, you cannot merge areas within a venue.

If you were counting items in separate areas, and now want to count them in the same area, follow the steps below.

Let's say, for example, you had two areas, “Wine Cellar - Red”, and “Wine Cellar - White”, now you want to count them together in an area called “Wine Cellar”.

  1. Edit one of the locations and rename it to “Wine Cellar”

  2. Delete the other location

  3. When taking inventory, go into the “Wine Cellar” area and start counting

Note: The “List View” will show what was submitted in that area previously. If you renamed “Wine Cellar - Red” to “Wine Cellar”, it will only show the red wines. You will need to scan/search for the white wine items and add them.

When you delete an area, it does not apply to previously completed inventories, only those going forward.

You can edit and delete your areas in the WISK Web Portal or mobile app. Learn more here:

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