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Find Keg in Item List

In most cases, a keg won't have a barcode, so you'll have to use the search function find it:

  1. Tap Search / Add

    An arrow points to the

  2. Scroll through the item list or use the search to find the beer keg and tap it.

    The beer keg is highlighted from the venue's list of items.

Enter the Partial Weight

If you are using a shipping scale to weigh your partial kegs, there is no Bluetooth connection. You will need to put the partial keg on the scale and input the weight manually.

Note: The keg needs to have at least a full weight on file. To learn more see:

  1. Tap the blank weight below the item image

    The blank area beneath the item image is highlighted indicating it can be tapped.
  2. Select the unit of measurement (g, kg, lbs, or oz)

  3. Type the weight as it displays on the shipping scale and tap "Done"

    The weight has been entered and an arrow points to the

  4. The amount remaining in the keg displays. Tap "Confirm" to submit

    The area below the item image now displays the volume of beer remaining. The

Visual Method

If you don't have at least a full weight on file for the keg, you can use the Visual method to estimate how much is left.

This is known as the "lift and shake" method.

You can learn about adding kegs and weights here.

Custom Value

If you are using a tool or some other method that tells you the actual volume remaining in the keg without needing to weight it, you can enter a custom value.

  1. Tap the "Custom" tab and tap the unit of measurement

  2. Select the desired unit of measurement and enter the value

    After tapping the unit of measurement, you can select other volume measurement units.
  3. Tap "Confirm"


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