After you have completed two or more inventories, you will receive an XLS consumption report. It can also be viewed on the Web Portal.

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Email Report

There are two pages on the XLS consumption report, Summary, and Data.

Summary Page

This page provides a high-level summary for each family (Beer, Liquor, Wine) and category, displaying:

  • Starting & Ending Inventory Amounts
  • Intakes (items added to stock from invoices)
  • Consumption in units and $ value

Data Page

This page provides more detailed information for each item in your venue:

  • Bottle name
  • Starting & Ending Amounts
  • Intakes ((items added to stock from invoices))
  • Consumption in units, oz, and $

If you see any bottles with negative consumption (the inventory increases without an invoice to account for it), you'll want to take steps to correct this.

When you fix any cases of negative consumption, you can generate a new copy of the report to get an accurate consumption value.

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