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How to view and understand your consumption report

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If on the Essentials or higher plan, you have access to consumption reports.

After completing two or more inventory counts, you're emailed a copy of the report. This comes bundled with your regular inventory report. It shows the consumption / usage between your two most recent counts.

You can also view your consumption data on the Consumption page of the WISK Web Portal.

Email Report

The emailed consumption report sends to each user set to receive it. You can manage this under Venue Settings. Learn more:

There are two pages on the XLS consumption report, Summary, and Data.

Summary Page

On the top of this page, you'll see the venue name, along with the Start and End time. This is also known as the inventory period, and is the time between your two most recent inventory counts.

This page provides a high-level summary for each Family and Category, displaying:

  • Starting & Ending Inventory Counts

  • Intakes (The sum of items added to stock from invoices, and removed by returns / depletions)

  • Consumption in units and $ value

Beverage Example

A copy of the consumption report for a beverage account.

Food Example

An example of a food consumption report summary page.

Data Page

This page provides more detailed information for each item in your venue:

  • Item details - name, size/unit of measurement, unit cost

  • Starting & Ending Amounts

  • Intakes (The sum of items added to stock from invoices, and removed by returns / depletions)

  • Consumption in units, the item's unit of measurement, and $ value

Beverage Example

Food Example

Consumption Page

This is where you can view your usage of products between any two inventories.

This number is based on your inventory counts, and invoices received.

Select Inventory / Consumption Period

By default, this page displays the consumption between your two most recent inventories.

You can click the drop-down menu under "From" and "To" to set a different period.

By Item

The default view is "By Item". For each item in your venue, grouped by Family and Category, you'll see:

  • Start Inventory Count (the "From" date you selected)

  • Invoices (the sum of stock added by invoices and removed by returns / depletions)

  • End Inventory Count ( the "To" date you selected)

  • Consumption (units)

  • Consumption ($)

If you mouseover an item, you can click the arrow buttons in certain columns to get more information. For example, if you click the arrow in the "Invoices" column it shows you all invoices that contain that item in the designated period.

Note: You can customize the display on this screen to show the information most relevant to you. Learn more:

By Area

If you want to see your consumption by area, click the "By Area" tab on the top of the page.

An arrow points to the "By Area" tab

This view is most useful if you're using internal transfers to track the movements of each item to have accurate consumption for each area.

For most venues, just knowing the overall consumption for the venue is sufficient. To learn more, please see:

Predefined Filters

You can select from predefined filters to identify the following:

  • Stock Errors - displays items with a negative consumption value. To learn more, see "Stock Errors / Negative Consumption" below.

  • New Items - displays items that had no stock in the "Starting Inventory", but were counted in the "End Inventory"

  • Depleted Items - displays items that were counted in the "Starting Inventory" but have no stock in the "End Inventory"

The "Predefined filters" field is highlighted for emphasis.

Refresh Data

If you edit some of your venue's data that affects consumption (invoices, inventory counts etc) and you don't see the changes on the Consumption page, click the "Refresh Grid Data" button to manually refresh the page.

The "Refresh Grid Data" button is highlighted for emphasis.

Download Report

If you want to download a spreadsheet or PDF copy of the Consumption report for the selected period, click the "Actions" button and select the desired option.

An arrow points to the "Actions" button on the page.

Note: When you download a report, it has a "generated at" timestamp to help make sure you are looking at the most recent version.

Stock Errors / Negative Consumption

If you see any items where the consumption is a negative value (the inventory increases without an invoice to account for it), this is a stock error. you'll want to take steps to correct this. You can learn more here:

When you fix any cases of negative consumption, you can download a new copy of the report from the WISK Web Portal to get an accurate consumption value.

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