How to Add a Missing Weight to a Volume Item

If an item doesn't have a full weight on file, and you have an unopened item, you can add the weight during inventory

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If you're taking an inventory count with the Bluetooth scale, and come across a volume-based item that doesn't have a full weight, you can add it on the fly.

All you'll need is an unopened unit of that item to get the full weight.

Note: If you don't have an unopened unit at that time, you can use the Visual mode until you're able to add a full weight.

Adding a Full Weight

To add a full weight to an item, follow these steps:

  1. With the item called up, tap the "Scale" tab

    The item has been scanned and the "Scale" tab is highlighted for emphasis.
  2. Tap "Weight Full" on the prompt

    On the prompt, the "Weight full" button is highlighted
  3. Put an unopened unit of the item on the scale

    The prompt to put the item on the scale.
  4. Tap "Add Full Item Weight"

    The weight displays in grams (1379), and the "Add Full Item Weight" button is highlighted.
  5. The added weight displays under "Full weight". You can then place a partial item of that type on the scale to get an accurate measurement.

    The full weight has been added and the "Scale" tab can be used for this item.

For more information about adding / removing item weights, please see:

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