Point of Sale (POS) Integrations

A list of all the POS systems WISK integrates with to pull sales data

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POS Integrations List

Integrating your POS with WISK allows you to get insight into your variance (the difference between what was sold and what was used), beverage/plate costing, and an estimated real-time stock count.

WISK integrates with over 50 Point of Sale systems (and are always adding more). If your POS isn't on the list below, our team will work with you to add it.

*These POS system integrations can be set up in your Venue Settings without having to contact WISK or your POS provider.

When you select the POS in your venue, you'll receive an email with setup instructions.

What is Omnivore?

For some of our POS Integrations, we use Omnivore’s Universal API. This allows WISK to integrate with a wider range of POS providers that would otherwise be unavailable. You can learn more about Omnivore here.

Is Your POS not on the List?

We are always working to increase the number of POS systems we integrate with. If you don't see your POS on this list, please reach out to [email protected] and we'll work with you to add it.

Note: Some POS companies are actually authorized resellers / dealers of a specific POS system. If the POS provider name isn't on our list, it doesn't always mean we don't integrate with their system. For example, we have an integration with Restaurant Manager, and it is sold by numerous POS companies.

There are two ways to integrate your POS with WISK:

  1. An automated daily email of sales/product mix in XLS or CSV format sent to [email protected]. At a minimum, the sales data needs to include the following information: POS code, item name, quantity sold, and net sales

  2. Direct API to pull sales data in real-time

For more information on integrating your sales, please see:

Note: Most POS systems should be able to provide option #1, but please check with your provider.

If your POS provider is not able to integrate with WISK through the methods outlined above, please send a copy of your sales/product mix in XLS or CSV format to [email protected]. We may be able to configure your sales file so you can upload it directly instead of transferring the data into our upload template.

Are you a POS Provider?

If you're a POS provider and want to pursue an integration with WISK, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact [email protected] to start the conversation.

You can also learn more here.

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