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What is the importance of keeping accurate item weights?
What is the importance of keeping accurate item weights?

Having a full weight on file for volume items allows you to use the supported Bluetooth scale to know how much remains in a partial unit

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Having accurate item weights is crucial to measuring how much remains in your opened items.

When you place a partial unit of an item on the Bluetooth scale, WISK is doing some number crunching behind the scenes to tell you how much remains. If you tell WISK that your item is heavier than it is, it will consider a greater proportion of the total weight to be due to the container itself, rather than due to the remaining liquid. This impacts the volume WISK thinks is in the item.

Since the production process of the glassware for these products is not perfect, there will always be a slight variation in an item's weight. Because of this, we take an average of several data points to be used in the calculation which is good for the long term.

We encourage you to fine-tune your item weight data to better reflect the real weights of the particular items you have on hand.

To learn more about items weights and how they interact with the supported Bluetooth scale, see:

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