To calculate how much liquid remains for a particular bottle, WISK uses a combination of a few factors:

  • Product's full bottle weight — weight of the bottle and its contents when it is full
  • Product's tare weight — weight of the empty bottle excluding the liquid inside
  • Liquid's density — necessary to convert weight into volume
  • Spout weight — to account for the added weight of various spout types

Here is a simplified outline of the calculation process:

  1. Get the weight of the partially filled bottle from the Bluetooth scale and subtract any added weight from the spouts
  2. Check to see what the bottle's full weight is
  3. Check to see what the bottle's empty weight is — if we do not have the empty bottle weight, we can use the bottle's volume and the liquid's density to determine this
  4. Compare the full/empty bottle weights to the partial weight in (1) to determine the proportion of the bottle's contents that remain
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