If you placed an order but didn't generate it in WISK, when it arrives at your venue, you can add a Manual Invoice.

Adding Invoice Details

1. Click “Orders” then “Invoices / Returns”.

2. Click “Actions” and under “New”, click Invoice.


3. Select the distributor you’re receiving the invoice from by clicking the drop-down menu.

4. Select an area where the items from the invoice are being added. If items are being put into multiple areas, select the most applicable one.

5. (Optional) You can also add the invoice number and total in the corresponding fields or upload an image or pdf of the invoice.

6. Make sure that the date and time reflect when the items in the invoice were placed with the rest of your stock. By default, it populates with the current date and time, but if you need to change it, click the date field.

7. When finished, click Save.

The save button is highlighted on the new invoice window.

The invoice is now created and you can add items to it.

Adding Items

1. In the “Add Item” field, type the name of the item you’re adding to the invoice.

An arrow points to the

2. You’ll see any matches from your existing item list, and you can click an item to add it.

Note: If the item is not already part of your venue item list, you can click “Create new item” to add it. When adding the item, it will search the WISK database to find a match. If it's still not there, you can fill in the item details manually.

3. After you’ve selected the item, you’ll then add the quantity on the invoice. You can add cases or individual units.

4. Adjust the cost of the item if the cost in WISK does not match the paper invoice. You can adjust the cost/unit, or the cost per case. Make sure that it matches the amount on your paper invoice. Note: If there were any discounts, you can then enter that value into the discount field. The discounts apply on a per-unit basis.

5.Then click the "Add" button to add the item to the invoice.

6 Units of Beefeater Gin have been entered, at $25/ unit. An arrow points to the

6. Every time you add an item, the invoice saves. Add the rest of the items to the invoice.

The item has been added to the invoice.

Adding Additional Charges or Credits

If you wish to add any taxes or delivery fees to the invoice, you can learn more here:

Invoice Complete

Once you have added all of the items , click the X button on the top right to close the invoice.

You’ll then have an option to send a confirmation email that the invoice has been added. This notifies the other users in your venue.

The invoice then appears on your Invoices/Returns page.

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