Sending Device Logs to Support

How to send your device logs to the WISK Support Team if requested

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If you are experiencing an issue with the WISK app, the WISK Support Team may request your device logs.

Every action you take in the app is recorded in them, and can be used to investigate issues and recover any lost data.

For example, every item counted by the device is recorded in the logs. If you have taken an inventory count and see empty areas that you know were counted, the logs can recover that data.

Sending Device Logs

To send your device logs to WISK Support, you need to be logged into the WISK app with the device that is experiencing the issue:

  1. Tap the ? icon on the top right corner, then "Download logs for support"

  2. The device log file displays as "swiftybeaver". Tap the "Mail" icon

    Note: If the device doesn't have the Mail app set up, you can Airdrop the file to another device that does, or save the file to the device and then log into an email client using the web browser

  3. Put [email protected] in the "To" field and include the venue name in the Subject then send

The WISK Support team will confirm receipt in your existing conversation thread.

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