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Splitting/Merging Invoice PDFs

How to split or merge invoice PDFs after being uploaded

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If you upload a PDF that contains multiple invoices, it can't be processed correctly by the system. Before it can be processed, you need to split the PDF into separate files.

If you upload multiple files separately that are all for the same invoice, they will need to be combined into a single invoice.

Fortunately, the WISK Web Portal has a built-in tool that makes it easy to split or combine PDFs to make sure everything gets uploaded properly.

Initial Upload

If you upload a PDF directly via the WISK Web Portal, you can preview the PDF and split or combine pages as needed to organize your invoices. To learn more, see:

Splitting a PDF After Upload

If you upload a PDF that has more than one page, you'll see the option to split it into multiple invoices. You'll need to do this if you've put more than one invoice from the same or different distributors into one file.

Selecting the PDF

To select a PDF to split into multiple invoices:

  1. On the Draft Invoices page, click the Details button beside an invoice

    An arrow points to the Details button beside a draft invoice

  2. Click Actions > Manage invoice pages

    The "Actions" button is highlighted and an arrow points to Manage invoice pages

    Note: You'll only see this option if the PDF has multiple pages

Splitting Pages

  1. A window opens showing every page in the PDF. Place your cursor between any two pages and a scissors icon appears. Click the scissors icon between any two pages to split them.

    An arrow points to the scissors icon between two pages

  2. As you split pages, it creates separate invoice PDFs. In this example we've split the 5 page document into 3 PDFs. The red numbers on the bottom left of each page indicate its page number in the original PDF. The green numbers on the bottom right indicate the page number in the new PDFs to be created

    The previewer after splitting the original invoice into 3.

Reordering / Combining Pages

If you need to reorder or combine any pages in a PDF, just drag and drop a page over another.

If the pages were separate they'll combine together. If the pages were already together, you can adjust the order.

Finishing the Split

  1. When you've finished splitting the file into separate invoices and ordering the pages as needed, you must assign a distributor to each. Then click "Submit"

    The distributor has been selected for each invoice, and an arrow points to the "Submit" button
  2. The PDF gets split and uploaded as separate invoices so they can be processed. In this example you'll see the original upload is now three invoices

    There are now 3 separate invoices from the initial PDF

Merging PDFs After Upload

If you upload two or more separate PDFs or images that need to be combined into a single invoice, you can merge them on the WISK Web Portal.

Selecting Draft Invoices

Click the checkboxes beside the draft invoices you want to merge together and click "Merge invoice pages"

The draft invoices have been selected and an arrow points to "Merge invoice pages"

Reordering/Combining Pages

A window opens showing each page of the merged invoice. Select the distributor.

To re-arrange the order of the pages, place your cursor over a page and drag it to the proper position. If you need to undo any changes, click the "Reset" button.

The cursor has been placed over the page and the options appear

Note: When you place your cursor over the page there are options to zoom in on the page to preview it, or you can delete it.

Finishing the Merge

When the pages are in the correct order, double-check you've selected the correct distributor and click "Submit".

An arrow points to the "Submit" button

The invoices are combined and display as one draft invoice.

The combined invoice now displays under draft invoices

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