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Copying Item Counts from one Inventory to Another
Copying Item Counts from one Inventory to Another

How to copy all item counts from an area in an inventory to the same area in a different inventory

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If you find yourself in a situation where you have two or more separate inventories that need to be combined, you can copy counts in areas from one inventory to another.

This is a very specific scenario where you've counted items in areas in an inventory, and want to transfer them to the same areas in another inventory without manually adding them again one by one.

For example, you've taken your first inventory count and submitted it, but realized that you forgot to add an area and count it. You start another inventory, add the missing area and take the count and now you want to put those counts into the original inventory.

To summarize, use this feature if you have counts across two different inventories that need to be combined.

Note: This feature is only available on the WISK Web Portal

Previously, issues like this could only be fixed by contacting our support team. If you have any doubts after reading this article, please reach out in the chat or contact [email protected].

Copying Inventory Entries

As mentioned above, we'll use the example of having completed our first inventory count, but missed an area by mistake. In this case, we forgot to add and count the "Stairs Storage" area.

Instead of editing the completed inventory, we start a completely new inventory count and add "Stairs Storage" and start counting.

We now have all of our items counted, but they are spread across two separate inventory counts.

To copy the counts:

Select the Inventory & Areas

  1. From the "Inventories" page, click the pencil icon beside the inventory that you want to copy the items from.

  2. Click the “Actions” button, then “Copy entries to another inventory”

  3. Click the “Inventory” drop-down menu and select the inventory you want to copy the entries into. In this example we only have the first inventory that we completed.

  4. Select the area(s) that you want to copy into the selected inventory

    Note: If the selected areas don’t exist in the selected inventory, they'll be created

Copy Inventory Entries

  1. When all areas are selected, click “Submit”

  2. Click “OK” on the confirmation screen

  3. All items counted in the selected areas are copied into the selected inventory. Those copied items are added to what has already been counted in that area. Go to the selected inventory and click the “Edit” button to see the added entries

  4. The counts for the selected areas appear in the inventory

Archive Other Inventory

After the items have been copied from one inventory to the other, you can archive the other inventory because it's no longer needed.

  1. Click the “Edit” button beside the inventory count

  2. Click Actions > Archive

  3. Click “OK” on the confirmation window. The inventory is now archived

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