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How to clear the WISK Web Portal site settings if your account is taking a long time to load

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When you access your WISK account for the first time in a different browser or computer, there is an initial download that takes place. The venue data is saved to your browser to decrease future loading times - retrieving only the latest updates.

For even the largest venues with lots of data, the WISK Web Portal should only take a couple of minutes maximum to download.

If you're trying to load a page on the WISK Web Portal and find that the process is stuck (the loading percentage indicator isn't moving), we recommend clearing your site data.

Something may have gone wrong while loading, and this restarts the process.

Note: There may be some rare cases that because of an update to our platform, you'll be prompted to complete the initial download again instead of retrieving the latest updates.

Clearing Site Data

Google Chrome

If using Google Chrome:

  1. In the address bar, click the lock icon

    An arrow points to the lock icon

    Note: The address must include, do not clear data from this help page.

  2. Click "Site settings"

  3. Click "Clear data"

  4. Click "Clear" on the confirmation window

    Note: This will sign you out of the WISK Web Portal

  5. Log back in and try to load the page again

Follow Up Steps

If after clearing the site data, you're still having issues with page loading, please message [email protected] or reach out in the chat for further assistance.

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