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Submitting an Inventory Count

All areas must be marked as "Saved" before you can submit a count

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When taking inventory, all areas must be marked as "Saved" in the mobile app before you can submit it.

If areas have the status "Not Started" or "Ongoing", you'll see this message when you tap "Review and Submit Inventory":

The message that displays if not all areas are marked as "Saved"

To submit the inventory, mark each area as "Saved"

Marking Areas as Saved

To mark an area as "Saved":

  1. Tap an area with a Status of "Not Started" or "Ongoing"

  2. If the status was "Not Started", count the items in the area. Otherwise, tap "Review item counts"

    An arrow points to the "Review item counts" button
  3. Tap "Review and submit area"

    An arrow points to the "Review and submit area" button
  4. Tap "Submit area counts"

    An arrow points to "Submit area counts"

  5. The area is marked as "Saved", repeat for all other areas

Empty Areas

If an area is empty, you can follow the steps above to mark it as Saved. You can also swipe the area to the left and tap "Submit as empty"

To learn more, see:

Submitting the Inventory

When the last area is marked as "Saved", you'll receive a prompt to submit the inventory count.

Tap "Yes" and follow the button prompts to submit.

Note: If you tap "Not Yet", just tap "Review & submit inventory" when you're ready.

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