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What to do if experiencing issues with an ongoing inventory count (Inventory disappeared, items missing, can't submit inventory etc.)

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This article goes over potential fixes for issues you might experience during inventory counts.

While we regularly update the WISK iOS app to reduce the risk of things going wrong, there’s always the chance something won’t work the way it should.

In the event of an issue, your inventory progress saves to the cloud as you go. If your device is in offline mode, your progress is saved to your device locally until it reconnects to a network.

As a failsafe, all actions in the app are recorded in a log file that can be shared with our team to recover any lost data.

Inventory Disappeared

In most cases, if the app crashes while taking an inventory count, just re-open the app and resume counting. All of your progress up until that point is saved.

However, if the app crashes while counting and your inventory disappears, it’s likely been archived by the system. In this case “disappears” means that when you reopen the app it displays “Start Inventory” instead of “Continue Inventory”.

The "Inventories" screen on the mobile app displays "Start Inventory".

When an inventory is archived, all of the progress up until that point is saved within it.

You can restore an archived inventory count on the WISK Web Portal:

  1. Click “Inventories” > “Inventories” on the side menu bar

    The "Inventories" button on the side menu bar is highlighted for emphasis.

  2. Click the “Archived” toggle

    The "Archived" toggle on the Inventories page is highlighted for emphasis.
  3. Find the inventory that lines up with when you started your count and click the “Details” column

    An arrow points to the "..." icon in the Details column beside an archived inventory.
  4. You’ll see that items are saved in this inventory count. Click “Actions” > “Restore”

    The "Actions" button has been clicked and an arrow points to the "Restore" button.
  5. Your inventory has been restored and you can continue counting in the app

    The mobile app now shows "Continue Inventory" on the Inventories screen.

If you weren’t able to restore your inventory count this way, please reach out in the chat or email [email protected].

Inventory Items Missing

If you have multiple devices taking an inventory count, and you notice some items that were counted are missing, check the following.

  1. Was one of the devices in offline mode or counting in an area with poor network reception? If so, make sure the device reconnects to the network to sync its data with the cloud. All offline inventory entries are saved locally on the device until it reconnects.

  2. Did the battery run out on a device during the count? If the device died while offline, when recharged, connect it to the network and reopen the WISK app to sync its data.

If you have synced an offline device and still notice items that are missing, reach out in the chat or email [email protected]. Please provide as much information as you can about the conditions when taking the inventory to help our team investigate.

Empty Inventory Areas

If you finish counting specific areas during an inventory, but then later see them as empty before submitting the finished count - contact WISK Support.

Our team will confirm details about the inventory with you to investigate and recover the data.

Whenever you count an item on a specific device, it is saved locally to that device in a log file. If necessary, our Support team may request those logs which you can download in the WISK app.

With the data in the log file, our team can restore any lost counts. To learn how to send your device logs, see:

Can’t Submit / Approve Inventory

Error Message

If you receive an error message when submitting your inventory count, check your device’s network connection. Please wait and try again after a few minutes.

An error message that displays if the app is unable to communicate with the WISK server.

If the issue persists, please contact our Support team using the chat, or email [email protected]

Area Status Not Updating

If you’ve submitted all your areas, but they don’t change their status from “Ongoing” to “Saved”, the system may be experiencing a delay. Wait a few minutes to see if they update to “Saved”.

If the issue persists, please contact our Support team using the chat, or email [email protected]

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