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Shared Items - Active vs Inactive Items
Shared Items - Active vs Inactive Items

When multiple venues have a shared item list, only the items relevant to each venue appear on the "Items" page

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Note: Shared Items / POS Items are a legacy feature that has been replaced by a new copying feature and aren't used in new venues.

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When you have a group of venues with Shared Items, it’s possible that some don’t carry every single item.

To keep your Items page for each venue organized, it only displays “Active” items.

Active vs Inactive

An item is considered Active if it's been:

  • counted in an inventory

  • added to an invoice

  • used as an ingredient in a POS Item or Batch

Inactive items are hidden, but appear in searches during inventory counts, adding invoices, and mapping POS Items / Batches.

Once an Inactive item has been added to any of the above, it becomes Active.

Marking Items as Active Manually

You can also mark items as "Active" manually. This is helpful because you can activate items in multiple venues at the same time.

To mark items as Active:

  1. In a child venue, go to the “Items” Page

    An arrow points to the "Items" button on the side menu.
  2. Click the “Actions” menu button and select “Find Items in Parent venue”

    The "Actions" button is highlighted and an arrow points to "Find items in parent venue".

    Note: Only users with the Admin or Manager role can see this option by default. If you want to create custom roles, you can learn more about that here:

  3. A window opens showing all of the items from the parent / central venue. Click the checkboxes beside each item that you want to activate

    The checkboxes beside the items are highlighted for emphasis.
  4. After selecting the items, click the “Select venues” drop-down menu to choose the venues you want to activate them in. You’ll see the name of the current venue, and additional venues if your user account has Admin access to them.

    An arrow points to the "Select Venues" drop-down menu
  5. After selecting the venue(s), click “Activate Items”

    An arrow points to the "Activate Items" button.
  6. The items now appear as “Active” in the selected venues

    The previously empty "Items" page now displays the activated items.

Adding New Items to a Venue

If a venue with a shared item list creates a new item, it's Active in that venue, but Inactive in the others. It'll only appear in the other venues if used.

Creating New Items in a Parent Venue

With Shared Item setups, there's a central venue that contains all items. In most cases this venue is used by the WISK Team to set up additional locations and you won't need access to it.

If you've been granted access to this venue, when you create/add a new item in it, you can make the item active via the "Edit Item" screen.

  1. Place your cursor over an item and click the pencil icon

    An arrow points to the pencil icon
  2. On the left you'll see an "Active in venues" section. Click the checkbox beside a child venue name to make the item active in it. You can also deactivate an item by unchecking the box

    The "Active in venues" section is highlighted for emphasis.

  3. When an item is set to active, it appears in the child venue(s)

Archiving Shared Items

If you archive a shared item in one venue, it will be archived in all other venues..

You should only archive items that are no longer used in all venues.

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