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When adding items to your venue, there may be a rare occasion where you scan an item and the result from the WISK database doesn’t match what you scanned.

It may be the same item but a different size, or a completely different item.

Check the Barcode

In this instance, we recommend that you double-check the barcode of the item. If the barcode is damaged or obscured in any way, that can prevent the app from finding the right match.

If you typed the barcode of the item manually, make sure that you have entered all of the digits (including those on the far left and right).

In the first example below, the “8” on the far left is part of the item’s barcode.

An example of a barcode with one digit on the far left, not under the lines of the barcode.

In the next example below, the “0” on the left and right are also part of the item’s barcode.

An example of the digit

Edit Item Details

If there were no issues with the barcode, we recommend editing the item details. This is the fastest way to fix the issue with the item.

When the item has been scanned:

  1. Tap the Edit button (pencil icon) on the top right corner

    An arrow points to the

  2. Update any of the fields that need to be changed (Name, volume, category, weight, etc)


    Note: If there were any item weights attached to the incorrect result, remove them, especially if the sizes of the items are different.

  3. Tap “Save” after making your changes.

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