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You can add or replace item images on both the WISK Web Portal and mobile app.

WISK Web Portal

To add or replace an item image:

  1. On the “Items” page, click the image or image placeholder beside an item

    An arrow points to the image placeholder on the Items screen.
  2. You can either upload an image by following the instructions on screen, or click “Find on Google” to use the built in search feature


    Note: If using the Google search feature, clicking an image displays a preview of it. You’ll need to click “Select image” if you wish to use it.

    An image has been clicked and a preview of it displays. The
  3. After uploading or selecting an image using the search, click “Save”

  4. The image has been added to the item

    The item image has been replaced with the selected image.

Mobile App

To add or replace an item image:

  1. Select an item on the “Items” screen and tap the “Edit” button

    An arrow points to the
  2. You can add or replace the item image by taking a picture using the device camera, or uploading an image on your device. You can also delete the existing image.

  3. Tap “Save” after making your changes.

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