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How to Add / Replace an Item Image
How to Add / Replace an Item Image

Easily add or update existing images of your venue's items

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You can add or replace item images on both the WISK Web Portal and mobile app.

WISK Web Portal

To add or replace an item image:

  1. On the “Items” page, click the image or image placeholder beside an item

    An arrow points to the image placeholder on the Items screen.

  2. You can upload an image by either:

    1. typing a search term or pasting an image url in the text box or

    2. selecting a file from your device or dragging and dropping an image

      Note: If using the Google search feature, a list of images display based on your search term. Click an image to select it. In some cases our system may not be able to retrieve the image from the source and it will display an error message. Please select a different image.

      Images display based on the search term and an arrow points to one to select it

  3. A preview displays of the selected/uploaded image, click “Save”

    An arrow points to the "Save" button

  4. The image is added to the item

    The item image has been replaced with the selected image.

    Note: If you place your cursor over an image and keep it there for a few seconds, a window opens with a zoomed in view of the image.

    The preview that appears after placing your cursor over an item

Mobile App

To add or replace an item image:

  1. Select an item on the “Items” screen and tap the “Edit” button

    An arrow points to the "Edit" button (the pencil icon).
  2. You can add or replace the item image by taking a picture using the device camera, or uploading an image on your device. You can also delete the existing image.

    The "Image" section of the Edit Item screen is highlighted for emphasis.
  3. Tap “Save” after making your changes.

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