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Generate Inventory Sheets by Area
Generate Inventory Sheets by Area

You can generate inventory sheets for areas if you would prefer/need to count some or all of the area using pen and paper

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In some situations, it may not be practical for you to use an iOS device or scanner peripheral to take the inventory count in an area and would prefer to use pen and paper. This could apply to either the whole area, or just certain items contained within it.

To help with this, you can generate and print an inventory sheet for any or all of your areas. You can take the count using pen and paper, and then input it later into the mobile app or WISK Web Portal.

There are two steps to generating an inventory sheet by area:

  1. Adding area tags to your items

  2. Generating the inventory sheet for the whole venue or specific areas

Tagging Items with Areas

Individual Items

To tag an item to be included on the inventory area sheet:

  1. Go to the “Items” page on the WISK Web Portal

    The "Items" side menu option is highlighted.
  2. Toggle on the “Inventory areas” column if it isn’t already visible. To do so, tap the Gear icon then click the checkbox beside "Inventory areas" under Columns

    An arrow points to the "Inventory areas" checkbox showing it's been toggled on

  3. Click into the “Inventory areas” column for an item

    An arrow points to the empty "Inventory areas" column for an item.

  4. Select an area you want to assign it to in the drop down

    The column cell has been clicked and a dropdown shows all of the areas in the venue. An arrow points to select the kitchen.

  5. The selected area tag is added to the item, and you can select more as needed

    The "Kitchen" area tag has been added to the item.

    Note: You can also remove area tags by clicking the “X” beside a selected area.

  6. The selected areas appear in the “Areas” column

    The item has been tagged with the "Kitchen" and "Stock Room" tags.

You can also add or remove Area tags on the “Edit Item” screen (the pencil icon that appears beside the name when you place your cursor over it).

Multiple Items

To tag multiple items at once:

  1. Click the checkbox beside each item that you want to tag with an area

    Multiple items have been selected.

  2. Click the “Areas” drop-down on the pop-up window that appears on the right side of the screen

    "Areas" drop-down on the pop-up window is highlighted
  3. Select the areas that you want to assign to these items

    An arrow points to the "Kitchen" inventory area

  4. The selected area tag is added to the item, and you can add more as needed

    The "Kitchen" tag has been added to the items.
  5. When finished, the selected items are tagged with those areas

    The selected items are now tagged with the areas.

Generating the Inventory Sheet

After tagging your items, you can generate an Items by Area PDF. You can either generate a PDF with all areas, or individual areas.

All Areas

  1. Go to the “Areas” page on the WISK Web Portal

    The "Areas" side menu option is highlighted.

  2. Click “Get Items PDF”

    The "Get Items PDF" button is highlighted for emphasis.

Individual Areas

  1. Click an area

    An arrow points to the "Kitchen" location indicated that it should be clicked.

  2. Click Actions > Get Items PDF

    The "Actions" button has been clicked and an arrow points to the "Get Items PDF" button.

Items by Area Sheet

After either generating a PDF for either all areas or an individual one, you can print it off to take your next inventory count.

Your items are sorted alphabetically by title, and you can add counts by units, cases, or enter a manual value. You can input the data into the iOS app or WISK Web Portal at a later time.

An example of the Items by Area sheet. For each item it shows the title, unit of measurement, case size and then you can count units, cases, or put a manual amount.

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