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Email Reports / Notifications
Descriptions and examples of the reports that can be sent to users based on your venue's data / activity
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There are a number of reports that users in your venue can receive. You’ll find more information and examples of each below.

You can select which reports individual users in your venue receive. Learn more here:

Daily Summary

A summary of your venue’s activity from yesterday, including inventory counts, orders placed, invoices received, price changes, new items added and more.

The daily summary report. This shows all of the actions completed in WISK from the previous day.


This is sent out every time an inventory count is completed and includes an attached copy of your inventory, consumption, and variance report (if your POS is integrated).

In the body of the email, you’ll see the total inventory value, the $ value of consumption, and the overall beverage cost.

You’ll also see if there are any items that are missing costs, or don’t have a distributor or item category assigned to them. By adding these missing details, you’ll have the highest quality data.


When an invoice is added, you can send a confirmation email to all users selected to receive it. This email shows the details of the invoice.

If the invoice was added from a purchase order generated in WISK, you’ll also see a section for any differences between the original order and the invoice (different quantity received than ordered, or a different cost etc.).

POS Item Cost Alert

This alert email is sent when a POS Item's cost percentage exceeds its set alert threshold. You’ll see the previous cost percentage of the item and the new cost. To learn more, please see:

Purchase Order

When an order email is sent to a distributor, all users sent to receive this email are cc-ed automatically.

It shows each item you're ordering, the distributor code (if relevant), the amount ordered, and the cost of the items.

Note: If you don’t want to send the order with the costs included, you can toggle this off under a distributor’s settings.

Stock Alert

When the “Real-time Stock” of an item meets or goes below the “Stock Alert” level, an email notification is sent.

To learn more, see:

Weekly Summary

A summary of your venue’s activity for the past week, including inventory counts, orders placed, invoices received, new items added and more.

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